My lifetime investment =D

  1. Hi all,
    thought I would share some of my private collection in this forum. Sorry for the bad pic (the alma is sort of hidden behind the multicolore trouville) :sweatdrop:
    Would love to add some azurs in this collection :tup: and ohh so cant wait for the purple epis :heart:
  2. Love the burberry's in the back!!
  3. i want a burberry too but never get it
  4. Love the mini mono bags and mandarin pochette!
  5. i love that pink LV vernis one! what's it called?? so cute!!
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Thanks for sharing! Love the diversity and color in your collection!!
  8. its the spring street in rose (i believe this colour has been discontinued?!?)
  9. Thats a beautiful collection. I too love the Burberry at the far right of the photo - lovely.
  10. Beautiful collection, love the Le Tal!
  11. Beautiful collection!! :tup:
  12. Gorgeous collection... love your MC Trouville and the Chanel Pochette!
  13. Wait no more. I just was in Bloomies on 59th street in NYC and they have all beautiful purple epi's wallets, bags and accessories........They even have like a pinkish color also...........So u can start adding...... :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Lovely collection ! We have a lot of the same bags, like the Burberry tote and the Neverfull ! :yes:
  15. Your Chanel is stunning!:drool: