My Lifelong Dream REVEAL!

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    All my life I have wanted this exact bag. I travelled the world from my home Store on Madison Ave, to Venice, to Rome....and everywhere in between. I scoured authorized dealers when finally, after 5 long years, I found my dream bag on Portero! Here it 35 cm Kelly!
  2. Part 1
    kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg kelly3.jpg kelly4.jpg kelly5.jpg
  3. Part 2
    kelly6.jpg kelly7.jpg kelly8.jpg kelly9.jpg
  4. All she needs is a trip to the spa for a little buff and polish and she'll be perfect! Any consensus on the color? Portero called it auburgine. I agree with the ladies-- looks like raisin or prune. Any ideas?
  5. Oh, the stamp on the inside flap is an F. I'm not sure what year that is if anyone knows offhand.
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    An F in a square is 2002.

    Looks raisin on my monitor, however, the color of the stitching makes me think questche. Hmmm....

    CONGRATS!!! She is STUNNING!!! :yahoo:
  7. Really lovely! Congrats!
  8. Very nice enjoy in the best of health
  9. Thank you so much! According to my calculations the F stamp is 2002 and she is in great shape considering. Ill have the craftsman in NY confirm the color and then I'll get back to everyone. But its purple, so I'm happy!
  10. This is a rare bag, congratulations!! It is Raisin Box.
  11. Incidentally, here is the picture I saw a while back that started my obsession for a purple Kelly.
  12. Thank you, Bababebi! You have solved our mystery! Many thanks!:yahoo:
  13. Raisin has raisin stitching normally - this doesn't, which is what is making me think prune box or quetsche. Don't know if quetsche came in box though.
  14. Wow, totally gorgeous, and a 35...wowwee! Congratulations! It is lovely! Enjoy:smile:
  15. I'd defer to Bababebi - she knows her stuff!