My life my tokidoki ^_^

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  1. Tehlilone - The yellow Sahara was being sold for $85. Tenacioustoys was selling it for $125. Ridiculous. Everything now is definitely overpriced.
    Kokebon - a lot of the time limited vinyls/etc. are numbered. don't know about the Saharas,since I never bought one..which i'm now mad about. heh.
  2. The cheapest sahara I can find by itself would be $100 shipped (from a other collector) the next cheapest would be $106 shipped... BLAH I really wanted one under $100 :sad:

    I ordered 2 red ones (170.78 shipped) and 1 GID to pick up ($90) so I'm like :Push: low on $$ and it's not even comic-con yet!
  3. poweranime has a store too, but price is the same.
  4. oh wow.. I considered the red, but I don't like it as much in the red for some reason. but I love the GID one. It blows that everyone that still has the yellow Sahara qee is selling for more than it was originally going for, and I'm still mad I didn't buy one back when it came out. I keep looking at it, but that's it.
    Do you have/had you considered getting the Gosho Doll?

  5. what was the original price on the Sahara?
    Gosho doll is not that attractive compare to sahara. lol. i like the whole idea that it glows, but i just got the Sahara, so i am gonna have to pass. Plus, i got the little simone qee. lol!!
  6. the Gosho Doll is cool I guess but I really don't like the face :lol: I find them hard to look at... so I don't see myself spending that much for a toy that I don't really like as much as others.

    the little simone is a plus! I'm so sad that they didn't include him w/ the other two... other artists have multiple versions of their mini selves with different color schemes... I wish they had done the same w/ him! Love the hat tho!!
  7. I love your foresta luna!!!