My life my tokidoki ^_^

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  1. Even though my L'amore BV is damaged, I am still happy with my life with tokidoki. LOL!! It hasnt discouraged me to buy more of their stuff. My newest collection: toys, foresta luna, and citta trenino.

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  2. I WANT UR SAHARA! lol :biggrin:

    great collection!
  3. they still have it in the store!! lol
  4. which store?? where? IRL or online? the online ones are always above retail :sad:
  5. I second that.
  6. Ooh, love the toys!
  7. kokebon - great collection!! I love all the toys!!!!! :biggrin:
  8. lovveee ur toys!!! :drool:
  9. That is a cute collection...That sahara is huge but cute...they don't make it in a dunny size do they?
  10. SAHARA QEE :drool: I still need to get Mozzarella, Sabo-chan, and Sandy!! :sad:

    Your foresta luna and citta trenino are gorgeous :nuts:

  11. nope they dont!! i have heard its limited edition and they only made 500 pieces.
  12. ah... limited editions... they keep getting smaller and smaller!

    Yellow Sahara had 500 pieces, Red Sahara will have 300 pieces, and GID Sahara will have 100 pieces

    but yay for toki love! Wouldn't it be awesome if they had mini saharas tho to go on the bags!!
  13. GID? when will that be out?
    Honestly, even though they said its limited edition, I still have seen MANY yellow Sahara online for sale. It keeps me wonder that if there are millions of tokidoki fans out there, why hasnt it all be sold out? hm...maybe they made more than 500 pieces. haha..who knows. i dont care, its a nice piece to collect!! Ive tried to get the trexi tokidoki and its just so tough to get, no one has it. an online store in UK has it but its blind box. lol. I wonder how many i have to buy before collecting all 6 of the trexi tokidoki.
  14. the Glow in the Dark will be out for comic-con... I put a link up in another thread but here
    I haven't really seen any sahara online. Just poweranime and pink ghost... and they're above retail I believe :shrugs: I'm waiting to find one at retail :sad: since I just bought/pre-ordered a few things... also a lot of people say they can get it in local stores which is why I'm trying to still find out if any local places have it for retail

    yeah the trexi are hard to get... I ended up getting four of them from KR :biggrin: I believe a few people are selling some you just have to look