My life is complete.

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  1. Long awaited whiskey paddy has arrived from LVR. Ordered in Jan and finally here after 3 months. I'm so in Love! The smell, pebbly texture, feel, everything. It fits perfectly on my shoulder and also feels great on my arm. Totally worth every penny and the wait.

    Also happy to report it is in *perfect* condition, and I have purposely been a little rough with the lock and key in the last 24 hours just to see what would happen. No marks at all.
    I can't say enough wonderful things about this bag.:love:
  2. Congratulations and enjoy your new lovely bag!
  3. Congrats! I wear mine everywhere and haven't changed bags since!
  4. Congratulations! Another whiskey paddy lover! yay!
  5. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  6. Oh congratulations!!! Hope to see a pic of you wearing it :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies:smile: I'll have to do a photo shoot one night with my husband, and also capture my Balenciaga hobos in red and pewter.
  8. enjoy your new bag!
  9. Congrats, sunspark. Great choice. Enjoy!
  10. Sounds lovely! Enjoy it!
  11. Welcome to the March new paddy owners club! I got mine last Saturday and it is a joy to wear.....when I was at the dentist the assistant walked in and said "wow, cool bag"!
  12. I LOVE the title of your thread....ha ha! That's how I feel with EVERY bag I purchase!

    Congrats on your paddy! Enjoy wearing her!
  13. CONGRATS! I have that feellng too.... for all of about five minutes until I'm plotting the next purchase. I'm so ashamed!
  14. Nice one...look forward to seeing pics! Enjoy!:love: :nuts:
  15. Welcome[​IMG]

    I can't get enough of my Paddy. I swear, whiskey has got to be the hottest color. I got mine last Thursday....