My Life by Mary J.Blige-Hate it or Love It!!??

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  1. #1 Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    My Life by Mary J. Blige-Hate it or Love It!!??

    I am looking for your thoughts and comments on MJB's new fragrance, My Life.It's sold is only sold on HSN and at Carol's Daughter.I want to buy it however I would like to know what it is like.

    **** Do you own or have you smelled this fragrance? ****
  2. Love it. Bought it on a whim. Not heavy. Sweet but not overbearing. I get lots of compliments.
  3. ^^^ Love the sound of it. I love sweet perfumes like the DKNY Apple and Clinques Happy. Nice!!!!
  4. I didn't know she had a fragrance!
  5. Yup. A few weeks ago she was selling it on HSN. I think its available at Carol's Daughter too.

  6. I could not find it Carol's Daughter. HSN has a roll stick for $25.....I may start with that. Do you think the roll stick will smell as good??? Just wondering. I will def start there!!!!!

    Any more feedback is WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)