My Life as Liz

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  1. Is anyone watching My Life as Liz on MTV? I find it quite adorable. Let's discuss:biggrin:.
  2. I have a questions: it's not scripted, right? That mean girl- is that what she's really like? If she is, I am kind of worried about kids at school...
  3. I think it is loosely scripted - It is based on her senior year of high school and I believe the main cast (and that mean girl) are considered "realityTV actors," - of course these are my assumptions, I can't seem to get a clear answer - whatever it is I'm enjoying it so far.
  4. LOL, at first I thought it was real. It very entertaining. Shes that kind of girl I want to be friends with. I like her.
  5. liz said she use to be friends with the mean girls then they turned on her. anyone have more details, its never explained why she is no longer friends with them
  6. ^ there's an implication that she just didn't want to fit into how she "should" be as part of that crowd, and she had different interests that they didn't accept. I think she realized how mean they were to others and decided she wanted no part of it... then she found her nerdier guy friends who accept her for who she is.
  8. I have no idea why I like this show so much. My SO even likes it. I think we are weird.
  9. one of my favourite quotes from the show:

    "This is sparkles. Sparkles are like the herpes of arts and crafts Ill have them forever!"
  10. this basically suppose to be a scripted show made to look like it's a reality show?
    i'm confused. kinda like the office?
    but i do enjoy the show!
  11. It's Liz reenacting her senior year, so I guess it is scripted based on her past experiences.
  12. It's such a cute show. But is any of it real?
  13. I died when she outside of her friends house and they pretended they weren't home. died!
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