*~My Lg. Choc. Carly is Here!!!!!~*

  1. Okay everyone,

    SHE'S HERE!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! The lg. size is so much better for me (and my habbit of carrying EVERYTHING w/ me...lol).

    Here she is....

    And here is a pic of mama and baby together.......and I may have to say goodbye to baby.....:crybaby:
    Picture 446.jpg Picture 447.jpg Picture 448.jpg
  2. Yay you! New things are so much fun. :wlae:

    I think I like momma better than baby, seeing them together. Probably a good thing I didn't see it when I bought baby for last PCE...
  3. congrats! It's beautiful!!!! :tup: I want a medium chocolate carly!!!! ;)
  4. That is one stunning bag. Congrats on your new Carly!!!
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!!!! I'm so excited. I've been wishing I'd gotten the large, and now I finally have her!!!! I'm so excited!
  6. Love that, mama and baby. They look so cute together. Very "CarlyPalmer" of you!!
  7. LOL...thanks. Candypalmer is rubbing off on all of us, it seems....lol!
  8. so so sooooo pretty!!!!
  9. You've got a beautiful bag there! I love the chocolate signature on the carly style. Enjoy it!
  10. COngrats gorgeous bag!
  11. CONGRATS!!!!!! How about a modelling pic???
  12. So pretty, love the chocolate. Enjoy!
  13. YAY! I got the Large Chocolate Carly too at PCE! I regretted not getting it last time, but good thing b/c it would have been the medium...too small!!
    Isn't the large just perfect?! I am super petite and the SA told me I need the medium...don't think so!! LOL


  14. ITA!!! I LOVE the lg. I falls so nicely on my shoulder and holds all of my junk....I LOVE THIS BAG....I think I have found my perfect bag!
  15. Sure! I'll go take one right now! BRB....