My Leopard Peanut Wedges are here!

  1. I never thought they'd get here. (A special thanks to cjy for waiting it out with me!!! lol) I'm so in love with them!!! They are so sassy and very comfy. I love the covered heel. :heart:
    leopard 001 467x350.jpg leopard 005 467x350.jpg leopard 006 467x350.jpg leopard 008 467x350.jpg leopard 007 467x350.jpg
  2. Thanks for modeling them... CUTE print!:tup:
  3. Love them!!!! So cute. They are screaming for black skinny pants.
  4. Gorgeous! :drool: They're so cute, and they look great on you. Congratulations!
  5. Love them!
  6. Finally!! Don't you just love them!!!??? So glad you are happy!! I feel so happy for you! So, I took dad for our weekly Mexican dinner tonight. And my weekly margarita~! I bet you made some fab meal!!
    PS... They look very good on you! You are going to love having them and will be amazed at how much you can wear them!!
  7. Awww shucks!!:shame: You are so sweet!
  8. Very cute! I like how the heel is covered in the print also. Enjoy them!
  9. Ooh la la... :love:
  10. Thanks!!! :heart:

    You read my mind!!! :tup:

    Thanks Cristina!!!!

    Thanks Lav!
  11. Claudia, they are gorgeous! Did you all have fun??? We ate out too. We had some veal parmesan. LOL! Although I have to admit, I had just a few bites and felt like I couldn't eat anymore. I need at least a 2 week break from Italian food!

    I'm going to wear them tomorrow! I already have my outfit planned! LOL!
  12. When I showed DH, that's first thing he noticed. He loves them!
  13. Thanks miss_ritz!!!
  14. Oh, I forgot to tell you gals. When I opened the box and tried them on, I called out for Farah, and right away, she said, "I know mom, I'll go get the camera." LMBO!
  15. oohh I'm not much of a wedge girl, but these look great!!