My Legacy Satchels are in Jacksonville, FL.....


Just one more...
Jun 29, 2006
And I live in Northeastern PA:crybaby:.

I ordered them on Tuesday 12/5 and was told by the SA that it would be delivered within 3-5 business days. Probably would receive on Friday (12/8) or Monday (12/11). This morning I finally received an email telling me that my items shipped out 12/10. Customer service could not explain why it took so long to ship them but assured me that I would have them on 12/14:wtf:.

I was so upset while I was speaking to her and she completely understood but was unable to provide any reason why they waited so long to ship out my items SO..........

She offered me 25% off ONE item on my next purchase :yahoo:. That's like another PCE just for me. I am still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my satchels this week, and I am very happy with the discount that customer service offered me.

And I thought I was done shopping:graucho: .
Jacksonville is where everything is shipped from, that really is so weird that it took that long to process because when you place it order in it instantly goes to the warehouse and should be processed within 2 days. :/
Glad to hear that they resolved things in a way that satisfied you! It is weird that they took so long to ship it!

Enjoy your satchel and post pics when you can after it (finally) arrives!