My Legacy Satchel arrived (pics)...but im unsure..

  1. Its beautiful..but Im still thinking about the Leigh in camel..sigh
  2. I like this one a little better , no matter which one you chose they are both great looking bags
  3. I think its pretty. Looks abit heavy though.
  4. I likey! Is it really heavy?
  5. Its really not heavy..well it doesnt feel it to me. I just dont care for the bottom slouching.
    What I really want is this satchel in cognac but i cant find it :sad: it was the one that got away.
  6. Your bag is gorgeous but I see what you mean about the bottom slouching. It might not be as noticeable if the bag was darker but I think you can make it work. Maybe you could cut out a piece of really heavy cardboard or something and put it along the bottom so that wont happen? that could be a pain though. For that much money you should be in LOVE. what about something like the chealsea satchels? they seem to have sturdier bottoms. good luck!
  7. Good idea glam girl but thats a little too much work for me. Another satchel i like was the signature chocolate one...hmmm . My husband thinks im nuts
  8. isn't that the andrea? the one you want? i definitely prefer the andrea to the legacy satchel. the legacy has a little bit too much hardware for my taste.
  9. Yes it is the long lost cognac andrea...i could totally kick myself for letting that one pass me by.

  10. It looks a little bulky, but I really like the color.
  11. OOoooo.... now I'm drooling over the Andrea too. When did that one come out? Have you tried ordering it from a store?
  12. attachment.jpeg
  13. I prefer the camel leather. Its gorgeous!!!!! I think anything in this color would be great! The satchel looks bulky and heavy. The sag would really bother me too. I vote for the Leigh in camel. YUM!
  14. I checked out the bag on eBay. Ive never gotten a bag on eBay hmm
  15. ohhh that ebay bag is TDF. i vote for that!