My Legacy planner!!

  1. I ordered it from the store and it came today!! It's the satiny (is that a word?) Legacy day planner and it's *gorgeous*!!!! It's got a 2008 calendar in it already, too. Not quite sure anything in my life is important enough to write down in such a pretty planner :p
    Anyway- just wanted to let y'all know how gorgeous it is IRL! I especially love the turnlock closure :heart:
  2. Ohhhhh how cool! I wanted one for sooo long but I just don't think I'd use it!
  3. Same here!
    I want one so bad, but I never take down notes like that.
    I don't even have a regular planner. I just use my pda for it.
    But congrats, please post pics!
  4. I'm sure it's gorgeous! *Everything* in your life is that important - your life is as important as you let it be. :smile: Post pictures if you can!
  5. Oh..isn't it awesome! I have the legacy planner and LOVE it! It's big enough for all my notes and everything! Enjoy it!
  6. Congrats!! I have one on the way as well. I barely use the Target planners that I buy (and say I'll actually use every year), but just because it's Coach and I paid more than $15 for it, I think I'll be using this one.
  7. awesome!

    i really wanted one, but prefer the smallest size planner to ensure it fits in my bag... although, now that i am using the satchel, i could probably fit a larger planner :smile:
  8. I think that is soo pretty!! I would want one too, just for the looks, but I never do and never would use a planner.. but it is sooo pretty!!! congrats!!
  9. oooh i so so so so so so so so want that...hehe
  10. I think a planner being really pretty gives you incentive to use it :smile: and that is a pretty planner!
  11. Congrats!!! you think you will be nervous using that planner or do you think it will be pretty durable?!? I am seriously considering ordering one but I am just afraid it might snag or get too dirty too easily?!?!!?
  12. do you have a pic?
  13. I've been worried about the same thing! I do use a planner, but I'm so scared the legacy fabric won't hold up as well as my $15 Target planner. That, and I really like a binder format, and I think these are spiral, aren't they?

    But oh, is sooooo pretty.... :drool:
  14. I love the legacy stripe planner sooooooo much!!!!! I just wish it came in the smaller size (i'm not one for large planners). Also, i'm not sure if i could keep it looking good. I'm not sure how well the satin would hold up and if i were to get a coach planner i'd want to use it for years and years.
  15. It would go so good with my tote and other legacy stuff. Oh soooooo tempting :girlsigh: