My Legacy Kisslock Accessory Collection IS Now Complete :-))

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  1. I JUST finished my legacy kiss-lock collection today by getting the kisslock fold over wristlet. I know there is a matching wallet but I'm going to pass on hunting it down and settle for the smaller accessories. So I consider this collection complete :smile:)) I just wanted to share it....

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  2. Totally droolworthy!!!
  3. Awesome collection! Enjoy! :cool:
  4. Congrats!!! That is awesome!!
    Do you have the wallet?
  5. Very very nice, pzold! Those kisslock beauties are truly collector pieces. Congrats!!
  6. Gorgeous Legacy! Love it ;)
  7. Very nice! I love the Legacy stripes and the kiss-locks are my favorites of all times!:biggrin:
  8. Super cute! I love all the Legacy Lining!
  9. Very nice, you have the long version of the makeup case too beyond the kisslock one?

    I have all in that picture except for the small fob... just didn't want to get it dirty or snagged since I use my in normal rotation :smile:
  10. Beautiful! LOVE the legacy stripe!
  11. Congrats! Your collection is almost as cute as your pups ;)
  12. Aren't you feeling a sense of satisfaction now? Great job for the beautiful set! I'm a great fan of the legacy stripes.....
  13. Yeah you need the wallet if you don't! I have that I use and two backups lol

    I need that kisslock coin wristlet? That was on my list for a long time...

    Very nice!!! Congrats on your set!!! I am a sucker for those stripes :P
  14. Gorgeous!!!
  15. there's also this kisslock version of the coin purse but with a super long strap that is kinda rare (by super long I'm comparing to the wristlet strap) if I get a chance to peep I'll see if I can find the style number but I won't get a chance to stop by till the weekend..I'm almost sure it exists cos I want one too!!!