my legacy french purse wallet

  1. Does anybody else have a problem with the area of this wallet that holds the change? I don't know if I have a defective wallet because it seems that the kisslock doesn't close very tightly and change falls out. I don't keep much change in there now because I realized that it doesn't hold much. It is beginning to bug me :sad: Does anybody else notice this with their wallet?
  2. I have this wallet in the pink/orange combination. I love it, but I don't think it was actually designed to hold change. The leather isn't very forgiving, and if a person stuffs it full of change and forces the kisslock closed something has to give - either the seams where the leather is held into the wallet, the kisslock or something else.

    I love mine and use it all the time, but I do not keep change in it. Less structured wallets are far better for that. I use a separate holder for change in my bag.
  3. I heard that this is a design defect with these wallets. I still want one though. What color do you have ?
  4. A few of us had this problem a while back with the first release of these wallets. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it. I sent it in for repairs, and they sent a new one that had the same issues. I've "heard" that the newer versions (more recent releases/ colors) stay shut better, but I haven't purchased a new one. Wasn't willing to take the chance. Too bad because I love that wallet!
  5. I have the same wallet in the Legacy stripe and I've been using it daily for almost a year. I've had no problems with it.
  6. I have this wallet in whiskey and have no problem with the change section. However, I also dont carry alot of change in it, so that may help some.
  7. I don't carry a lot of change either. That might make the difference.
  8. I have the slim envelope version of this wallet in gardenia and i've had some trouble with this also. I have fixed it slightly though by bending the kisslock myself.
  9. I have this wallet in black leather and I don't carry alot of change either, so I think this might help. If I have alot of change I just use my change purse because I am afraid to break the kiss-lock closure.
  10. ditto . . . doesn't hold much, but then again it keeps the purse from getting too heavy . . . I empty it into a change jar, which can add up pretty quickly . . . Coach fund?!?