My Leetle Co Lec Shon 2 05's & a mystery wallet

  1. I know I was anxious and already posted my choc day, but here's my little family. ANd, likely, we'll stay at three for awhile! (Although a grenat pt is in my sights for the future :graucho:)
    I no longer have violet city as she was just too bright for me for constant use. (She sold on eBay to the sweetest pf'r she's staying in the 'family'! :smile:)

    THanks to those lovely ladies here who helped me find my 05's! :love: I love them so much!

    And, I got this great pre-loved wallet, but don't know the color or year. :shrugs:

    THANKS girls for letting me share!:tender:(WAY more pics than you ever wanted to see :smile:)
    05's and wallet 001.jpg 05's and wallet 002.jpg 05's and wallet 004.jpg 05's and wallet 005.jpg 05's and wallet 006.jpg
  2. You thought I was finished! :nogood:
    05's and wallet 007.jpg 05's and wallet 008.jpg 05's and wallet 009.jpg 05's and wallet 010.jpg 05's and wallet 011.jpg
  3. Am I bordering on annoying now?
    05's and wallet 012.jpg 05's and wallet 013.jpg 05's and wallet 015.jpg 05's and wallet 017.jpg
  4. congratulations! ~ i can sense the bal looove you have for your newly aquired '05's! :wlae:
  5. A lovely Bbag family!! :yes:
  6. Of course not!! I know that I for one love lots of pics!! Your 05's are gorgeous!! I think your compagnon wallet might be an 05 as well - it looks a little like sky blue to me, but I'm far from positive so I would wait for other to chime in.
  7. :tup: LOVEEEEEEEEE them all. :love:Yummy leather, great choices!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    :woohoo: WOOT WOOT! Gorgy girlfriend!! :okay:
  9. [​IMG]

    Sky Blue or Ice Blue? I love this all the CC slots!
  10. whooooaaa the leather is gorgeous!!
  11. I love them all! Your black city is perfect :heart:. Congrats on your lovely new 05s!
  12. omg!! Congrats!! I'm so jealous of your city!!!
  13. Congrats on your beautiful new additions!!
  14. Thanks Ladies!
  15. I love love your collection.:love: Both bags are gorgeous with an amazing leather. :drool:Enjoy them.:yahoo::heart: