my leather gaucho is fake

  1. Hey there, I have posted a few places about a leather gaucho I recently bought and since I'm new at this, I read the authenticity tips and my bag is close but no cigar!! as was pointed out to me, there are two many discrepancies, I read on eBay forum and was directed to contact seller with my concerns and why I had them, I did this and so far no email back, I guess my question is? If I can't get a refund can I sell it as a replica bag? this bag has everything in place but the color is off and the dior logo doesn't have the line on his face, even tho he smiling and her description isent accurate, she had it listed as a large double saddle bag but its actually a medium single please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad:
  2. If there is anything that states or shows the Dior markings, it is counterfeit and ILLEGAL

    Sorry you had this happen to you, please file a dispute with eBay and PayPal right away...
  3. Can you email me the item number so I can view the photos?
    That is if you bought on eBay.
  4. Sassy - because the seller misrepresented the bag in more than one way there is no reason you cannot file a claim against this seller through PayPal (hoping you paid this way) and get ALL your money back - including shipping.

    The fact that it was advertised as an authentic double; but, was recieved a replica single is enough for your purchase to be covered under PayPal's and Ebay's buyer protection policy.

    Please, do not sell this bag - just get your money back - contact paypal and tell them what happened - tell them you want a reversal on the payment because the seller misrepresented and sold illegal merchandise. Then send the bag back to the seller with "signature" confirmation of delivery - this way you can PROVE that the seller has their fake merchandise back.

    You do not have to be "stuck" with this - after all, it is not what you thought you were buying and that is against Ebay's policies for buyers to be duped!!!
  5. Generally speaking, Paypal does NOT want you to send the bag back to the seller unless they tell you to do so. Sometimes they might need it for evidence.
  6. yall are great on the help here, like I said I emailed the buyer on the advice of ebay and so far no response, do I file a dispute now or wait a certain amount of courtesy time for them to respond?I was very courteous to the seller, stating my concerns over the authenticity of the bag, and my reasons for doing so! thank god for your tips, the dior medallion was like way off, along with the color, the stripping around, loose threads and the authencity card didn't match any numbers on actual bag! I feel so screwed because I want an authentic gaucho sooooooo bad, I wanted the burgundy and settled for a brown not realizing it was a fake, well live and learn
  7. File a claim now. Sometimes that action alone is enough to get sellers moving!
  8. You have 45 days from the date you paid for the bag to file a dispute with PayPal. I would file it ASAP as most sellers who sell fakes know they are selling you a fake and aren't going to respond if you tell them there is an issue. I would then escalate your dispute to a claim right away so this can be dealt with and you can get your money back soon!

    As for you selling this as a replica, it is completely illegal to sell replicas. The brand can sue you, and some countries who are even more serious about it will put people in jail for it. A lot of people have no idea how serious of an issue it is because in North America we see fake items all the time and are used to it because nobody takes action against those kinds of things here.

    If you need any help filing a claim I can for sure help out! I used to work in the resolutions department of PayPal and know it like the back of my hand!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I had contacted the seller and she seems genuinly distressed that the bag is fake, apparently she bought it and then resold it not knowing it was fake, she said she would get back with me as soon as she checked her sources?? so how much time do I allow her I won the auction on jan 12, I recieved the bag on Jan 27, so I still fall under the 45 day paypal dispute, she seems to be genuine about resolving this but please advise ASAP the ebay item number280068070362 I also have all the pix and info on file
  10. She may be distressed that it's fake, or she may be stalling you. In either case, you must protect yourself by filing a claim NOW. Please don't wait, no matter how nice she seems. If she's legit she will understand that you're only trying to protect yourself.

    Also, please do NOT send back the bag unless paypal tells you to do so. They may want to have it for evidence.
  11. You should file the claim, immediately. Give her a few days to *sort out the problem* but be sure to escalate the dispute to a claim with paypal before the 45 days are up! She could may be very well be innocent, but she could also be trying to con you. She could be trying to delay you so you don't have enough time to file a claim. Be cautious.
  12. I hate to be mean or a know-it-all. But why would you purchase something like this from a new seller w/ only 3 feedbacks?

    Also if it's too good to be true price wise................. you know the saying.

    These bags retail for over 1000.

    Def. file a complaint w/ ebay ! She needs to be suspended!
  13. well I appreciate your honesty, actually it was more ignorance on my part for making the purchase, I thought the authenticity cards and all the info on handbag looked genuine, and I only joined the purse forum after, so I have to live and learn the hard way.
  14. I think most people have learned a painful lesson one way or another on Ebay. I certainly have, albeit not with a bag. The important thing is to act and quickly. You can retain your polite tone and regret having to open a dispute but I think you need to register it as SNAD with an explanation of why you believe it is counterfeit and, as everyone else has said, keep it safely until you hear further. Oh, and don't even think about selling it on!
  15. Please report her. Other's will be ripped off if you don't shut her down!