My Leather Cleaner/Nivea Cornflower Box Experience!

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  1. Hi,
    I loaned my cornflower box to a family member a few weeks ago to carry on her trip .. she returned the bag 3 weeks later in a complete mess! :crybaby: .. This was my first ever bbag and it had a big place in my heart! I loved it to pieces!! but since she returned her to me i havent used it and thought i never would considering the condition it was in :sad: .. it wasnt THAT bad but it was uncarriable in my dictionary .. i decided to let go of it behind my aching heart ...
    but just yesturday I thought of using some leather cleaner on it .. the type that comes in the form of wet wipes .. its a 2 in 1 thing that cleans the leather and conditions at the same time .. I was afraid but I thouhgt the bag wouldnt get any worse ..

    It turned out GREAT!!!!!!! :yahoo: the handles arent that much better but less grummy than they were! .. and the cornors are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! :wlae: ..

    I then used a thick nivea cream to massage into the leather for conditioning and moisturizing .. the results are extremely wonderful!!!!! the viens disappeared and the leather has an overall matte finish with just enogh sheen to my liking!! :nuts: .. needless to say she aint goin' no where any mo'!!!!!! :roflmfao: ...
    Thanks to Zacorey and Danae for helping me with details on how to do this ... I couldnt be happier!!!

    This picture is when i first bought it ... summer 06


    These are after I got her back from the loan ..


  2. This one is after I used the Nivea .. the first two are from last night .. look at how deep the color has become and how invisible the viens are .. the leather is thick and smooshy and the sheen has also died down a bit .. the last two are from this morning in the daylight ...




  3. these two pictures are of the difference between the untrated strap and the trated leather of the bag .. the strap looks vieny and dry ..



    This pic is of the strap after it was treated with nivea ..

  4. I also did my 05 navy compagnon

    navy compagnon.JPG



  5. It looks great!:yes: I'm so happy for you, His_Angel!:yahoo::heart:
  6. wow! Amazing transformation! Note to self: never lend a bbag out! ;)
  7. :yahoo:Thank God you saved your Bbag!!
    It makes me shudder thinking about someone mistreating one of my Bbags like your "friend" did. :lecture:Did you say anything to this person?
  8. Just re-read your post... a family member, did this?! Yikes!
  9. I love the leather:love:!It's the second time I read that Nivea cream could be used on BBags...I could use it soon:whistle:.Congrats!!!
  10. Wow!! Great job! Am son glad you managed to save her!!:yes:
  11. what she said was (sorry about the mirror!) <== the mirror was cracked at one cornor .. whatr I think happened is that she took it with her to the beach .. I am not sure though .. that is the only way she could have gotten it this way in 3 weeks! .. anyway .. I am glad that it is back to normal (minus the handles and the mirror) .. and lesson learned! the hard way!
  12. AMAZING transformation ! especially on the straps !
  13. Wow - that really works - it looks fab!
  14. :nuts::drool: I'm so glad it worked, angel!
    The leather and color look delicious!
  15. What a beautiful bag - so glad the treatment worked with such stunning results! I can't believe a family member did that to your bag - yikes!
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