my LE magenta...... i'm in LOVE!!! <pics>

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    I am extremely happy about my LE magenta and am glad that I waited it for it. It took 4 whole months but I LOVE it!! I actually never saw the 05 magenta IRL so I was bit nervous but this is just so pretty. I couldn't have asked for more. The color is perfect (just enough pink, just enough brightness, just enough "pop") and the leather is seriously TDF!!

    I asked my SA what the new 08 magenta is going to be like and she said it'll be very pale compared to this. I debated about canceling and waiting for the new magenta, but again, I'm so glad I stuck it out.

    LOVE IT!! :heart:
  2. absolutely gorgeous! Congraaats!
  3. :tup:
    Congratulations! I am very happy for you that the wait was worth it! She is a real beauty! For a comparision for you, below is my 05 Magenta City and Box. My City was exposed to long hours in the sun (unfortunately I love how Bbags come out in photos in direct sunshine), but that just gives me two colors of Magenta to enjoy! Congrats again, and you may want to take some "quick" photos of your new baby in the sun, they look divine that way!
  4. Your bag is just gorgeous! I am so happy for you - o.k., I'm jealous too! :greengrin: Green with envy! Enjoy that great bag, sweetie!
  5. :woohoo: Congrats~ I'm dying for a magenta now!!! So PRETTY :heart:
  6. ooh more magenta for me to :drool::drool::drool: til I find one for myself! congrats! she's gorgeous!
  7. Gorgeous color and nice, even distressing!! :heart: Congrats! :yahoo:I love your pics, too - they're so sharp!!

    Deana - Beautiful bags and pics, as always! :tup:
  8. It's gorgeous! I like the LE better than the '05 magenta. I think the leather is gorgeous and I think the color is gorgeous but a bit softer. I was never a magenta fan, but I love the LE. A very pleasant surprise when I saw it. Yours has gorgeous leather. So far the leather seems to be superb on all of them.
  9. This bottom picture, which I realize is much lighter and pinker than the actual color, is what I am hoping the '08 Bubblegum will be like. :yes:
  10. Beautiful bag, Congrats!
  11. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - congrats!!
  12. i wonder how pale the 08 will be... i mean magenta is a vibrant, bright pink---a paler pink would seemingly be like the bubblegum. oh i wish the swatches would come already! lol

    I'm so happy for you!:yahoo::yahoo:

  14. another beautiful LE magenta! congrats! :tup::heart:
  15. I loooove it! Congratulations! It must feel so good after such a long wait!