My Laws of coach bag buying in person .

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  1. When I purchase a coach purse in person at the boutique or department store I ............

    1. empty all or most of my belongings of my current purse and load them in the new purse.

    2. walk around with the purse in the boutique/dept store.

    3. make sure to look at myself with a full length mirror.

    4. ask the sa's to take a picture of me with my pocket pc/cell phone. I just need to see how I look with the purse from a picture which can be different from a mirror view (crazy huh)?

    5. look for an sa's that has the same/close height or haircolor like me, & I'll ask her to model it for me! (gosh, I'm batty! )

    6. touch & smell the bag too! I almost forgot this one-ha ha.

    Do guys have any more pointers to add ?

    My poor sa's, they go through so much fuss with me!
  2. check the bag for defects
  3. Do the elbow clearance test - can you get it over the shoulder using only one hand.
  4. Those are such GREAT tips for bag buying! AWESOME! I think I do most of those, but not consciously.
    Great tips!!!:smile:
  5. Good laws to live by. It seriously cuts down on regrets and returns. I have been buying Coach bags for a long time (20 years) and I remember the first time I went into a factory store a SA told me to always put my stuff in the bag and then try it on.
  6. Great laws cha cha!
    You must have great SAs.
    You seemed to pretty much cover everything.
    Only other thing I do is asked my significant other what he thinks =)
  7. I pretty much do all of that too!!! Great rules, certainly does make for no regrets!
  8. I do all of the above too!!! I also look for symmetry of the bag. Sometimes the C's are not aligning properly or the stiching on one side looks okay but kinda off on the other side. If I am buying a leather bag, I check for patches of discoloration, texture of leather.
  9. I have to tell all the SA's that I am just looking so they leave me alone (or find my SA so he knows I am there and then the other SA's will leave me be).
  10. Good one!
  11. Those are good tips. I usually don't put my stuff in the bag, but I need to start doing this at the boutique.
  12. does your SO give you an answer?? Mine just says..........whatever or sure or yeah and doesn't even look! Or rolls his eyes like you REALLY need another purse? Or he waits outside or in another store. :rolleyes:

    I was very surprised that he was actually with me when I got my Gucci, although he did make some remarks that made me wish he wasn't (like it's really that much money for a bag that's not leather, etc). I was kinda :blush:
  13. I once bought a bag (and returned it!) that looked perfect except when I opened up the inside pocket... where there was a gum wrapper. I don't know if it was a return or what, but I'm picky enough that I didn't want that bag! So I always check the interior for crumbs, wrappers, pen caps, etc.
  14. At the outlet I told my mom to put her bag (that she was carrying) IN the purse she wanted to buy.

    obviously this only works if teh bag you are carrying is smaller than the one you are thinking of purchasing. (but it's a bit easier than empting out your current bag into the new one)

    she does that, and tries the bag on again. a huge smile breaks out over her face... "It's SO different with weight in it! I'm buying it!"

    told ya so mom!