My law librairian is so cute...and just got her first lv piece ;)

  1. No, it's not's not's not unique

    but come on now!!! She is the cutest l63 year old in the world and she comes up to me and she's like i know all about LVMH...and im like haha cool im doing an accounting project on them and shes like oh oh oh cool i want to buy something

    SO she takes me in her office, we hit up eluxury and 20 mins later she decides she HAS to have the credit card holder in the monogram!!!

    hahaha shes so cute :smile: and now into LV!! :yahoo:
  2. How cute! : )
  3. It shows you are never too old to have your first LV, once you have your first piece you will be addicted.
  4. Bless!
  5. haha thanks you guys! im having lunch with her tommrow...shes soooo funny and shes so excited about it!! she even told me "now remember to click all the boxes because i want as many emails from LV as i can get!!!" haha

    btw...i mistyped, shes not 163, but 63 haha :smile: but im sure u guys figured that out!!!
  6. Ha ha, you enabled someone! That's awesome.
  7. Awesome! It's never too late to get your first LV!
  8. haha, then its better to get started later!
  9. this is so cute :heart:
  10. Haaa. Cute story.
  11. how cute.
  12. Hee hee hee. Cute story. :p
  13. Awwww!...Nothing like the first time!
  14. How sweet - you enabler!
  15. awww what a cute story!