My laundry detergent was stolen @ the laundrymat!

  1. My man & I were doing laundry just now at the laundry mat.

    Well, we finished and loaded our clothes into the car, then not even a min later we realized that we forgot our detergent & dryer sheets.

    He went back in to get it and it was GONE!

    Wow. Some people are quick when it comes to freebies. :tup:

    He came out & told me that it wasn't there anymore, so I went in with him to scope out the place cuz we definitely left it in there.

    I looked around and spotted our detergent along with our box of dryer sheets in this ladies BASKET!!!

    We then didn't want to confront her b/c perhaps it was a coincidence that someone else has GAIN brand liquid detergent in Fruit Expressions & BOUNCE dryer sheets????

    We walked past one more time to make sure and whats the odds of someone having the same brand as us?!...Yep, it was definitely ours... And...the lady even pretended she was on the phone to not know whats going on! She had her 2 young teen girls with her and they looked at us and they KNEW what was going on but didn't say anything. The mom just pretended to be really busy into folding her clothes and having her ear on the phone.

    She had our stuff hidden in her freaking basket.

    We left without confronting her. We just decided to let it go. Maybe she needed it more than us????

  2. The nerve on some people! Although I probably wouldn't have confronted them either... maybe would've just grabbed the stuff off her basket :p
  3. that sucks..sorry to hear that. be careful when doing your laundry at laundry mats and apt complexes. at my last apt., someone stole someone else's clothes straight outta the dryer and also someone was too cheap to pay for the dryer so when i was drying my clothes, they took mine out and put there's in. ghetto people i tell ya..
  4. I would of been like WTF lady?

    You steal my detergent then you mess with me!!

    AARRGGHH..I hate people who do stuff like that and then are too scared to be confronted by the person that they did it too :cursing:
  5. Yep! Me too! I would have been like WTF lady???

    I would have LOVED to confront her! LMAO. It would have been funny.

    Stupid people....
  6. thats so embarassing! she probably thought u werent going to come back for it?..thats nice of you to just let it go though
  7. Some people :nogood:
  8. I would have let it go as well. Sadly you are probly right...she needed it more then you. HOWEVER, if she would have maybe said to you Im running a little low may I please bother you for a cup of detergent I would have then given her the bottle! I bet her kids were embarrassed.
  9. What?!? People amaze me! Last weekend at my yard sale someone stole a wallet. It wasn't anything expensive but it's like, seriously!!!
  10. hmm, not a good example to set for her kids...
  11. Ok..this is really random & really not that nice but how hilarious would it have been if their had been red food dye in your detergent and it turned all their clothes red hehehehe......i know sooo random haha
  12. Oh, wow. Which laundrymat was that?
    I'll make sure I never go there!
    So sorry you had this happen. Not cool.
  13. My bf and I are waiting for our washer dryer set so one day...and oddly enough it was the first time I ever did laundry....I decided to go do laundry. I thought all went well until I came back upstairs and noticed that some of my clothes were gone. Some ass had stolen them! Its supposed to be a upscale building too :cry:
  14. :roflmfao: If she was a little old lady, she probably needed it more than you. I love ballsy old ladys.

  15. this was a mother that looked like about mid 40's. She was strong & healthy bc she was folding them clothes fast while having her neck leaned over to one side on the fone!