My Latest Splurge....

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  1. a pair of CL Very Prive, a pair of Gucci silver mirror sandals, and a pair of LV snake skin and lambskin mix sandals.....

    I guess I am ready for summer....:p

    I am still waiting on my Bruno Frisoni Ribbon platform stilleto sandals....will post pix when they get here....

    And I have to take a long break from shopping for a while....:sweatdrop:
    CL.JPG gucci.JPG gucci2.JPG LV1.JPG LV3.JPG
  2. Veryyy nicee!!!!
    Enjoy them!!:woohoo:
  3. Wow!!!!!!!! I love your CL.
  4. Loving the Gucci!
  5. Very nice, enjoy!
  6. Gorgeous shoes, enjoy!
  7. I LOVE the Metallic Gucci's! Congratuations :smile:
  8. nice shoes, congrats!
  9. They're soooo fabulous!!! Love them all!!!
  10. I love them all! Congrats
  11. congrats!!! love the LV!!
  12. Congrats! Enjoy!
  13. very nice, there is always room for more shoes :yahoo:
  14. I love them all!! You have gorgeous feet too.
  15. I love your CL shoes!!