My latest scammer


Jan 3, 2009
Ok, so I look on CL all the time for LV items because I love them and flag the fakes.

So I see this listing for a speedy, the chick isn't "sure" ifs it real, the last tenants in her place left it, blah blah, however, there was a link to a real one she posted on ebay to show people how much they go for, she could do all that and not compare the pics and see how hideously fake hers is.

So I do nothing but flag, but I notice someone posted about saying it was fake but it was a good one, which is was not, so I had to post about it.

All I posted was its fake and had the OP done her research by comparing links she would be able to tell, well she flips out on me.

I get this in my email
Oh, and Hope Diamond is just on my throw away email, not my real name, lol.

First off I wanted to thank you so very much for e-mailing me back so now I can report you to craigslist and the police for your harassing e-mails and re: posts.. FYI my father is a police officer.. oh this is so exciting! lol last offer that was e-mailed to me was $155.. Is it that you are jealous because your not making any money off of your bullsh*t bags that you feel the need to post non sense about other people's listings?.. And who the f*ck is named Hope Diamond? That is the most retarded name I have ever heard in my life!! Also you were not questioning me you were just being flat out rude.. Your life must be a complete dull if this is all you do all day.. You think you know everything just because you spent all of your income tax on one handbag.. lol You can't afford these handbags other wise you wouldn't be browsing craigslist.. Your so lame.. Get a life please.. Such a mighty woman for picking on a 16 year old girl. Glad I can help you to feel better about myself... Also my house isn't a rental you ****8ng retard.. I cant believe you strive for drama that much to search on craigslist for it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! at least make a facebook page and find people you went to school with or something for your daily dose of high school drama there but not on craigslists for gods sake...

Now, because shes a moron with her email addy I was able to find out her real name, check her myspace, cross reference her youtube, shes a 24 year old, so she had to fake her ignorance by pretending to be a teen, like somehow that was going to pacify me and make me stop being mean to her, lol.
Oct 20, 2008
People should know in this day and age anybody with the right means and technology can find out who and where you are if they really want to...scary but true. One day these nut cases are going to rub the wrong person the wrong way.


Jan 26, 2009
Oh people like that make my skin crawl. Post it in the Craigslist flagging thread so we can have it removed if it already hasn't been.

I did the same to a person on IOffer who was a seller from Canada with a HIDEOUS "Vintage" bag and I said something about her scamming people and that it was fake and she replied (because everyone interested can see it), "It is 100% Authentic and from the 70s, why are you wasting my time if you can't afford it." She removed the listing and relisted it because she couldn't removed my comments and she now has offers for over $200.


Jan 3, 2009
Well get this-

After I posted that, she pulled her ad.

I get an email from someone else, and they say, are you talking about the bag in St. Charles? She told me she sold it for 155 dollars and a new bag!

This is how desperate this person was, it was not some random person, it was her pretending to be someone else to contact me, like her fake purse sale made the front page of the newspaper, it is so pathetic.

This is what I wrote back to her after getting that gem-

It is a federal offense to sell counterfeit handbags, if your dad was truly a cop, he would advise you of that.

Also, you are harassing me, you need to stop and move on with your life, congrats on your 155, I traced your ip addy from another account you sent me an email so you are harassing me, but I actually have a life, and a lot of Louis Vuitton, I can spot a fake a mile away, and I am sure had you been properly educated in life you could to, but you cant even compare bags on a link..

I also run a local forum about scammers and you seem to fit the bill, you continue your harassment against me I am going to post your emails and the ad when you decided to try to scam someone, yes I saved it, thats not against the law.

Now how about growing up, being a big girl and stop being so pissy because you got busted out, you didn't sell the bag and I am sure you are bitter, thats fine, the economy is *****, had you not tried to pull a fast one someone probably would have bought it from you for 5 bucks and you could have bought some smokes and a clue.

Also this is a throw away email addy, like I would be as stupid as you are...

But go ahead and try to sue me because you were trying to sell counterfeit handbags, obviously your IQ is that of a small toddler.

Take care, and happy easter.

Then I just puther on ignore, I didn't mean to be harsh, but I cant stand people like her.


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Jun 22, 2008
:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Thanks for the fun read! I've always wanted to mess with people on CL but I've never had the guts. I think your reply to her ridiculous email was justified, and hopefully she will learn a lesson (but more than likely, she'll continue in life as an idiot). :woohoo:


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Apr 3, 2009
What drama! this is exactly why I do not do business on craigs. If you are selling something the scammers get a hold of you. If you are trying to buy something nice, it is more often than not a scam as well. Craigs is like the wild wild west! That is just way to much drama for something that could be handled through other more protected marketplaces and payment methods. I have been the victim on craigs once. Never again.


Jul 4, 2008
LoL Priceless. Yes you can find some real freakshows on CL. They hate to be called out on it too. I've gotten some hilarious emails. Glad you blocked her though, you don't need to waste any more time on her.

In the future, post her postings on the flagging thread and we'll get her down fast.