My Latest Purchase @ Coach (the new Fall 2010 Madison Collection)

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  1. Hi... I'm new to TPF.

    COACH bags is my love.
    I've been a COACH fan for years.

    Every time I get the PCE 25% Coupon in the mail (or email) - I'm super excited; like a kid in the candy store.

    Here's what I bought:
    1) Madison Leather Top Handle Pouch (Black/Brass) #44371 / $158.00
    this is taller and a little slimmer than the older madison pouches

    2/3) Madison Dotted Op Art Small Wallet (Teal/Silver) #44565 / $98.00
    small wallet + medium wallet combined, not too small or too big, the perfect size

    4) Madison Dotted Op Art Wristlet (Crimson/Brass) #4443 / $48

    5) Madison Dotted Op Art Convertible Hobo (Mahogany/Brass) #15929 / $278

    New Madison Collection will not be officially released until Friday 09/24/10... the Coach staff was awesome to sell to me early (you just gotta ask since it's no display yet)

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  2. Congrats on your goodies! :smile: They are all lovely and welcome to the forum! :smile:
  3. welcome to the forum

    love the madison collection

    congrats on your new stuffs

    are you going to post some modeling shots?

    time for a happy dance
  4. Awesome pce haul!!! Congrats and enjoy!! AND :welcome2: :tpfrox:
  5. Pretty stuff. Congratz and enjoy :biggrin:
  6. welcome! congrats on the new pieces :heart:
  7. #7 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    THANKS FOR THE LOVE!! :flowers:

    There's sooo much going on here...

    DOES ANYONE know if there's an APP for the DROID phone?
  8. you picked out some great pce goodies =] :welcome2::tpfrox:
  9. Nice to meet you, OP - you really got some great goodies for PCE!

    I reeeeeally :heart: the dotted op art teal wallet -- that color is just too pretty!
  10. Welcome to tPF. Great haul!
  11. Very nice buys! I can't wait to see the Madison Convertibles in person, what do you think of it so far?

    Welcome to the forum you'll love it here :biggrin::welcome2:
  12. Very pretty! Love the wallet!
  13. the teal is very pretty (you have to see it for yourself)... crimson is stunning too, but not everyday is there a teal color wallet that looks good and won't break my pockets!! thanks :cool:
  15. Wow...congrats, love everything enjoy!