My latest purchase! Celine box in tawny colour!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465304953.596629.jpg

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share my latest joy! Been contemplating getting another box for 2 years and I am so happy I finally got it in this colour! Let me know what you guys think!
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  2. Big congrats!!!:woohoo:
    Box is classic:cloud9:
  3. I love this color, it's simply gorgeous!!! Big Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  4. Congratulations - such a lovely and gorgeous bag!
    I was looking at that tawny color online and couldn't figure out if it was more orange or more brown, what would you say it leans towards?
  5. The color is wonderfull !
  6. Love it! Congrats!
  7. such a delicious color! congrats!!
  8. I had the same impression initially, that it was a little orange (under the shop's orange light) but in real lighting its actually more brown so I'm actually loving it more because of this!
  9. Beautiful box! Congratulations :smile:
  10. That's good to hear! I was actually hoping the color leaned more towards brown!
  11. It is a perfect color for this bag, I feel like it gives me an equestrian impression (which I love being an ex-equestrian myself).
  12. Gorgeous box!!! Congratulations!!!
  13. Gorgeous, I would love to buy the same! Congrats
  14. Such a gorgeous colour!!!! Congrats :smile:
  15. Wow it looks great. Congrats!
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