My latest purchase.. Apple Green Day/Hobo

  1. I snagged this on Ebay a few nights ago. Just got it today. Not sure if it's the most practical bag but I so love this color. It was a "what the hell" purchase.:smile:
    dsc00729.jpg dsc00734.jpg
  2. Oh I Love It!
  3. awesome! good enough to eat!
  4. I saw that! Glad it was you who got it :smile:
  5. aww damn, that was you haha i was just looking at that auction grrr. if u change ur mind, u know who to reach :biggrin:
  6. Stunning - I'd murder for that style in this colour! :love:
  7. Thanks ladies! When I decide to pass it on, you'll be the first to
  8. Oh my GOSH I LOVE IT!!! :love: I think the Day is my favourite B bag shape and apple green... :love::love:
  9. That is absolutely gorgeous!!:P Congrats!!! :smile:
  10. oh MY!! that is just TOO YUMMY!!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. gorgeous!!
  12. wow. what a beauty! i absolutely love this color...especially in the hobo!
  13. Beautiful bag, acegirl! Congrats!
  14. Love it!!!! YUM
  15. :graucho: The apple is my absolute most favorite Bbag color:yes: :biggrin: I:heart: it!! Congrats!!