My latest puchases inluding the black reissue 227 have a ? ***PICS***

  1. Here are a few of my latest purchases. I think I am all set on Chanel bags for a long while, with the exception of a metallic flap, which I am hoping to score soon.

    Anyway, here they are. Thanks for letting me share!

    My white lambskin clutch. I know white lambskin, kill me now, but I just love lambskin so much that I couldn't resist. I am hoping I don't regret it later. This baby was hard to track down.

  2. My next is this blue distressed lambskin flap. Never thought I could use navy, but I am actually finding several things to wear with it.

    IMG_5400.JPG IMG_5403.JPG IMG_5404.JPG
  3. so gorgeous, congrats! ;)
  4. And finally my black anniversary 227 Reissue w/ gold hardware. I am 5"5 and I am thinking it might be a little too big for me. I am so use to the 226 size, but I must admit I am loving the extra room, and this would be a day bag for me. What do you guys think about the size???


  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats. Enjoy them!
  6. Thanks! I am having sizing issues here....
  7. Oh, I almost forgot my J12 with diamond markers...

    You guys have seen a ton of pics so I'll only post one. I couldn't get a great shot to save my life...

  8. I think the 227 looks fabulous on you. I don't think it looks too big at all.

    Great purchases!
  9. Oh my god... imgg, you are killing us, all 3 bags are lovely and not easy to get .... just gorgeous!!
  10. Thank you Mon!

    I forgot to give you props for helping me with the 227! Thanks again. :kiss:
  11. Thank you! What size did you finally end up deciding on your black bag?
  12. Anytime.:smile:
  13. Oh I love them all and the black reissue doesn't look big at all on you!congrats!:smile:
  14. Beautiful!!! :smile: Oh, and nice COH jeans ;)
  15. The 227 is my favorite size...anything smaller is just an evening bag to me.

    If you wear jeans a lot the blue bag will probably become one of your faves.