My Latest Outlet Purchases!

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  1. I can't believe i found the lemon coin purse!! it was only $39.99! it was sitting by itself, all along and sad :graucho:
    pictures 002_small.jpg
  2. How cool!!! :yahoo: I'll have to keep checking my nearest outlet weekly then.

    And you scored a scarf print Swing Pack????
  3. That's amazing and really hard to pass up!:nuts:
  4. Aww...cute!
  5. Cute stuff!
  6. 39.99?! :nuts: wow, congrats! good find!
  7. Nice. Congrats!
  8. thanks all! i love when i get really great random finds at the outlet! :smile: i can't believe no one else snatched it up before i got there!
  9. WOW! You got a great deal! Yay for you!
  10. NO WAY!

    Great find and a super deal!

  11. Congrats!!! So Cute
  12. Great outlet finds! And I love the great deal on the lemon coin purse!
  13. Nice! what outlet was this?
  14. Everything is so cute! And so summery!!! Great finds!!!!
  15. Great finds! I can't believe you scored a lemon slice!!