My latest obsession!

  1. Hi Everyone! My first post. Anyway, I bought a large croc patent tribute tote a month ago and I love it, but I have a new obsession and I can't stop thinking about it! It's the downtown in the olive green ostrich material. Retails for $5995. I was in the YSL boutique at South Coast Plaza, and I just had to take a pic with my camera phone. I'll post pics of my tribute tote soon.
    0804071623.jpg 0804071624.jpg
  2. Welcome, and congrats on your Tribute tote! :flowers: We look forward to seeing pics.

    Looks like they had to pry that Ostrich Downtown out of your hands, lol!!! Hope you get it. :graucho:
  3. I love love the color and the seems so much stiffer than leather that it gives the bag an entirely different look!

    I absolutely love the patent quilted Tribute - can't wait to see pics:smile:
  4. That downtown is gooorgeous. Did you get it? Post pics of your tribute :smile:
  5. wow love the downtown in ostrich - congrats !
  6. two lovely bags!
  7. Love that color! Beautiful.
  8. Oh ostrich skin – I love that in the Rive Gauche. Pictures of your tribute please?
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone! It's fun meeting other TPF members who love YSL. It was the pic of Cameron Diaz that began my interest in YSL. Now I'm obessed with all of their bags. I don't know why I didn't take interest earlier. I won't ever be able to afford this ostrich downtown bag, so the pic will do for now. I could barely get over paying for my tribute tote! I didn't cut the tag for 3 weeks because I knew that when I did, it would be official! Here are two pics from yesterday when I went outlet shopping with my mom. Wonder what my next bag will be!
    0805071333.jpg 0805071409.jpg camerondiaz.jpg
  10. Wow, gorgeous Tribute Tote. :tup: And it looks perfect on you!!! Congrats again. Don't forget to post a pic in the YSL Photo Resource thread at the top of the subforum.

  11. Oh it's just gorgeous on you! Congrats, it's such a great bag. :drool:

    I fell in love with YSL last year - In Style had a pic of the Rive Gauche in anthracite that knocked me flat on the floor. Then of course the Muse...I decided on my Downtown and can't wait for it to arrive today!!
  12. i love ysl too and your bags are tdf !
  13. I'm a recent convert and current obssessive over YSL too! I LOVE 'EM!!!
  14. Hi Lorraine!

    Great pics, you look so fab with your tribute :tup:! I just got my black patent downtown last week and am now drooling over your tribute...LOVE IT!! I just wanted to ask you a few questions before I take the plunge. You mentioned your tribute is a large size, but I can only find one size wherever I look(13"x13" w/ 7" handle drop). If you don't mind my asking, how much did you buy yours and where from? Both Saks and NM lists theirs for $1195. Thanks!
  15. my big question about the Tribute tote: how is it using a flat bag? Does it bother you or does it stretch? I haven't seen one IRL, so I just can't get a feeling for how flat it is. I love the look!