My latest obsession is brown (chocolate?) signature ...

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  1. In your opinion, which Coach bag looks best in this design? I am itching to buy a new bag!
  2. Carly:heart:33 in this color is the love of my life! But to each their own.
  3. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. :smile:
  4. I like the Leigh in the Brown Sig alot. I just purchased two Coaches the last 2 days. A Mandy in Natural and a Leather Shoulder bag with the front pocket in Whiskey. But one day soon I need to get a Sig bag. And I do like the brown alot.
  5. Large Carly! YUMMY! I have a chocolate sig wallet and I loooove it!
  6. I have to say I have never looked at it before but the Leigh in chocolate siggy! :drool: I didn't even care for the "new" chocolate siggy much but after seeing it on the Leigh, I ordered one! :yahoo: I think it is stunning!!!! :yes:
  7. oh oh the carly!
  8. Thanks girls, for the ideas! I am thinking Carly or Leigh would both be great ...

    What about the Legacy shoulder bag in this also??
  9. I've always thought the Hamptons carryalls look wonderful in this combo.
  10. It is nice, it's just personal preference.. the carly is the more dull chocolate siggy, which I have loved most up until the leigh lol I didnt' care for the more shiny c's on the shoulder bag... something about it on the leigh, for ME that I just loved!! :drool: There is a big price difference too... the carly is $348 or $398 and the leigh is $598 :wtf: but they are 2 totally different bags. :yes:
  11. I have the chocolate signature Leigh and its just gorgeous. The chocolate sig is definitely different on the Leigh and on the Legacy shoulder than, say, the chocolate sig on the Carly or the Ergos. It has more depth somehow - its really stunning. I'm a leather girl, but I had to get the Leigh in the sig just because of the chocolate color.

  12. oohhhhh!!!!!! :drool: Do you have pics?!?!?! I would LOVE to see them!!! ( You know, to hold me off until Tuesday!!!) :roflmfao::P
  13. I love the chocolate Signature in the Ergos and the Carlys, they are both beautiful bags in their own right.
  14. I have chocolate signature in the Bleecker large flap and in the legacy shoulder bag. The bleecker is a lighter, more subdued brown while the legacy chocolate signature is darker and the Cs a bit shinier. I love both bags but I love the legacy signature most because of its richness.
  15. Signature Stripe Tote! I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet! The bronze stripe is TDF :love: