my latest MJ crush - quilted Ursula bowler in BRONZE leather (non-patent)

  1. Just saw this up on Eluxury:


    The Ursula bowler in the non-patent version had such soft leather, but in black it looked a bit dull. Now this metallic bronze version is looking really tempting....must get myself to a MJ store soon to see it out in person. I wonder if the Ursula collection will be continued this fall ala the Stam bags....anyone knows?
  2. I want, I want! have you seen in person??
  3. I'm curious to see the non-patent version. I prefer this over the shiny ones.
  4. The MJ website has the non-patents large bowlers in the Fall 2006 collection. Some very nice colours:smile:
  5. For non-patent bowler, I only like Chalk.
    I think the other colors look dull in person.
  6. I was completely underwhelmed by the color of this bag in person. I love the style of the bag, but I think it really only works in the patent leather. The patent bowlers are "WOW" bags for me, but the regular leather ones are nothing special.
  7. I have never seen the bag in this color. I have the chalk. It is classy, soft, but not at all casual at least to me.
    I like this color alot, too!
  8. Fendigal, which Chalk do you have? Patent or regular leather? Regular-leather version is sold out at Nordstrom.

    I like your avatar. I really miss SATC....
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