My Latest LVs...

  1. I brought home the SO Damier "big bucket" a couple of weeks ago and am absolutely loving it! Today, she was joined by a black Suhali lockit... Trying to decide about the Suhali PM... I think she is a keeper...
    LV 001.jpg LV 002.jpg
  2. :nuts: :love: Congrats! Both are gorgeous!
  3. Those are just stunning! Congrats
  4. Wow! Love your new bags!! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. OMG!!! Congrats! They're both beautiful, but the Suhali Lockit...*drool*:tender: :tender: :tender: Keep her keep her!:yahoo:
  6. That lockit is gorgeous!!!! I really really like black on that bag.
  7. I love the Suhali Lockit in black... Enjoy!
  8. That black lockit is gorgeous. Enjoy.
  9. The Lockit is fabulous!!! Keep it!!:yes:
  10. the Suhali PM is td4 :love::love::love: love the black!
  11. Congrats! You should keep the Suhali. It's very pretty.
  12. Wow, amazing bags!
  13. gorgeous bags...congrats!!
  14. Thanks, all! far 100% consensus on the Suhali...she might make it out for dinner tonight...
  15. BOTH are keepers!!! LOVE THEM!!!:love: CONGRATS!:yahoo:
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