~!My latest LV purchase! Come see!~

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  1. My most recent (small) purchase since my Beverly MM!

    Guess what it is!

  2. Here's some hints...



    I'm not good at this whole reveal thing!!!
  3. Mirage bandeau?!!??! :nuts:
  4. YAAY!

    Yeah. LOL

    It was easy huh?

    Here's the rest of the pics:

  5. OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!
  6. that's lovely! congrats!
  7. Very cute, I love it! Congrats!
  8. Congrats, it's stunning. Looks perfect on your Beverly!
  9. I want one, even though I have no use for it... :tdown:
  10. I wore it in my hair today out to breakfast... I like a lot.

    I hate that they get wrinkly when you tie them!!!
  11. Congrats! You were lucky to find one. :yes:
  12. I got it on eBay for $145 total...

    I see there is one on there now for almost $200.

    Is it sold out?
  13. Very cute, gorgeous with the bag!
  14. Congrats- it looks great on the Beverly!
  15. Very pretty- congrats