My latest LV after a year hiatus: Croissant MM


All That Jazz
May 27, 2006
Midwest, USA
After a year hiatus, I found the bag I absolutely had to have.....

At first it was the Mirage Speedy, but when I went to purchase it, I just didn't love it enough.:shrugs:

Then I saw a lady with this odd shaped LV that I hadn't seen. I researched and found out it was the Croissant. When trying to buy one I found out that it was discontinued earlier this year. to be me.:hysteric:

So I went on a mission to find one. After just two days I found one on ebay from a seller that had only used it once and wanted to rid herself of the memories of the bag. It had a few bids but the BIN was for a little more than half of the retail price. Of course, I snatched it right up! The seller says she used to post here so I was really happy about that!

I received it on Tuesday and I must say that this little bag, gives me just as much excitement carrying it as my black MC Speedy. I LOVE IT!!!!! It's the PERFECT size and with one strap it fits right under my arm.:yahoo::yahoo:

It is now my everyday bag :tup: It.Is.PREFECT!!!

I can't believe they discontinued this bag. It has a very "in" shape IMO. I've only carried it 3 days and have gotten 5 comments on it! LOL I do love being able to say, "it's not available anymore":jammin:


I left my heart in Sicily.
Dec 20, 2006
I am so happy for you. It is a great feeling having a bag you love. I agree with you BTW, I think the Croissant has a great shape to it and can't believe it has been discontinued. Enjoy!


Aug 15, 2006
I am glad that you love your new bag. My last purchase was her big sister the croissant GM that I got from let-trade and I agree it's a great shape and so comfy. Congrats!!!


Aug 13, 2007
Wow, didn't even know it was discontinued, I have the mm too, I guess she'll be seing the light of day again soon. It's a great bag ... congrats!