My latest LV after a year hiatus: Croissant MM

  1. After a year hiatus, I found the bag I absolutely had to have.....

    At first it was the Mirage Speedy, but when I went to purchase it, I just didn't love it enough.:shrugs:

    Then I saw a lady with this odd shaped LV that I hadn't seen. I researched and found out it was the Croissant. When trying to buy one I found out that it was discontinued earlier this year. to be me.:hysteric:

    So I went on a mission to find one. After just two days I found one on eBay from a seller that had only used it once and wanted to rid herself of the memories of the bag. It had a few bids but the BIN was for a little more than half of the retail price. Of course, I snatched it right up! The seller says she used to post here so I was really happy about that!

    I received it on Tuesday and I must say that this little bag, gives me just as much excitement carrying it as my black MC Speedy. I LOVE IT!!!!! It's the PERFECT size and with one strap it fits right under my arm.:yahoo::yahoo:

    It is now my everyday bag :tup: It.Is.PREFECT!!!

    I can't believe they discontinued this bag. It has a very "in" shape IMO. I've only carried it 3 days and have gotten 5 comments on it! LOL I do love being able to say, "it's not available anymore":jammin:
  2. I am so happy for you. It is a great feeling having a bag you love. I agree with you BTW, I think the Croissant has a great shape to it and can't believe it has been discontinued. Enjoy!
  3. Thank you :smile:
  4. awesome purchase.. congrat's
  5. I am glad that you love your new bag. My last purchase was her big sister the croissant GM that I got from let-trade and I agree it's a great shape and so comfy. Congrats!!!
  6. Wow, didn't even know it was discontinued, I have the mm too, I guess she'll be seing the light of day again soon. It's a great bag ... congrats!
  7. Congrats!!!!! Please share photos of your new baby
  8. Congrats! I'm happy you love it so much!
  9. Congrats!

    It's always great to have found the perfect everyday bag.
  10. I've wanted this one too! So glad you love it!
  11. I always thought of getting it but I never get around it. Anyways congrats. Post pic!!!!
  12. Congrats! it's a nice bag
  13. Congrats! Happy for you. Its a wonderful feeling finally getting the bag you loved.
  14. Congrats !!! I love Croissant (both bag and pastries)