My Latest Kooba........

  1. Well not that I was looking :graucho: ....but I spent all day at the Sawgrass Mall and NM was having 20% off handbags, They had one lone Carla in butter.....who would have thought this bag and color would be sooooo gorgeous in person. The tag said $262, but after the 20% off sale and an additional 10% (yes I opened a NM charge account) It came to $183 !! Gorgeous Kooba..... time for a glass of wine and a little admiration.

    They had some more Koobas that I listed under authentic finds thread.
  2. What no photo??!!! You have to post a photo!! I bet it's gorgeous and congratulations on a great deal!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  3. Ms Lizardo, we need to see a picture of your fabulous bargain. It sounds wonderful. Congrats!

  4. Thanks for the congrats....I am off for the next 3 days and I promise I will do photos. I have to do a "family" one....I'm so behind! LOL
  5. Yes, it's time for a big family shot, let us see your stash of Koobas!:yes:
  6. Pretty cool mall, hmm?!?! Did you find anything at Off Fifth? I don't remember the NM when I was there...

  7. Photomj.....WHAT THEY HAD A OFF THE 5TH??? Honestly I was so anxious to get going I just started looking without a probably wouldn't have mattered as I was totally BEAT by the stores I did look through. Thankfully it is an easy drive and less than 1 hr so I will go again, of course when the money gets replinished, LOL

    what is you expert opinion on how that outlet mall stacks up compared to others?
  8. Ms Lizardo, have you been up to 'Kooba Mischief' again today???

  9. Yes I have Mini......not that I was looking but I sure was happy!!:yahoo:
  10. You are so funny! You asked me in another thread where the Off Fifth was in Ft. Lauderdale and I said Sawgrass Mills Outlet!

    I HATED the layout of never "loops" back around on itself which is horrible when you have been walking for hours and are tired! That being said, I think the Off Fifth there was amazing, the Kate Spade outlet had some great stuff, and I've never been a fan of TJ Maxx, nor have I ever seen anything good at one, yet, the TJ MAxx at Sawgrass outlet had SO MANY purses!

    I've thought of driving back down there cause I loved what I found but it is 3.5 hours from me! (Not that I won't ever do that!) Maybe I'll come down before the holidays!

    Orlando is only an hour from me and there are so many outlets to keep me busy there!

    Keep me informed of any good deals you find!
  11. It's confirmed then....I am a ditz....I'll definitely check it out next time. Thanks for the tip on the other stores. Now just need to rob a bank :roflmfao: