My Latest Hermes Acquisitions

  1. I was at the boutique last Friday and got my HerBag. It is the orange and red combination and I absolutely :heart: her. I don't have to baby it to much and it's like a two in one. It is the PM size. My SA was very helpful in showing me the ones that they have. They had one in the vibrato but in the brown tone. I did not care for it too much but if it were the orange one,I would have gotten it.
    Then I returned on Sunday to get a scarf and a pocket square. Unfortunately, he was off but a lovely young lady helped me choose. She is quite amazing and showed me some of the ways I can wear it and some of it was not even in the scarf book.
    I saw a 40 Birkin in BJ togo and it looked like a suitcase, but the Kelly clutch was gorgeous.
    I am still waiting patiently for a Birkin to come my way and hopefully soon.
  2. I love your purchases bagshoelover! I love my Herbag too, so versatile and the colors in your scarves are vibrant and gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy :party:
  3. Beautiful purchases!:tender: :girlsigh:
  4. ^^^ Thank you amkur( kababayan). I love vibrant colors. I have been wearing them a lot lately.
  5. ooh la la!! very nice.:tender:
  6. Beautiful, Bagshoe.....Love the colors! I have Caleche Elastic as well in the blue color-way! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!
  7. ^^^ That was actually the last one the store but I just had to take it.
  8. Oh, I KNOW the feeling! Great choices....I really love everything you selected!
  9. My oldest son actually helped pick out the scarf and approved of it:yes: . He was mommy's little helper:smile: .
  10. wow very nice :smile:
  11. :heart: :heart: Your son has fabulous taste -- obviously learned from his mother!

  12. Les Jardins d'Andalousie is one of my favorite scarf patterns!!! Enjoy all your purchases and wear them in health.
  13. They were out of that scarf in the H boutique that I frequent.
  14. Beautiful - the colours are TDF!!:love:
  15. :heart: :heart: :heart: your bag!!! That's the one I wanted but in SF they told me there was no way to get one. Which boutique did you get it from? :nuts: