My Latest Haul From St. Honore

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  1. Well, ever since I've been on this site, my CL collection has been growing at an exponential rate:wtf: I'll post my fledging but fast growing collection later. For the time being, please have a look of my latest haul from St. Honore.

    I also have a dilemma here: I probably will only keep one of the python boots, which one in your opinion? I do love the red one, however, I'm afraid it's not as versatile as the black:confused1: But keeping the black, I'm afraid it's a bit too "normal"?

    Red Python Arielle a Talon:


    Black Python Arielle a Talon:


    Red Patent Open Clic:


    This one is not from St. Honore, but I feel that I've not done enough justice to it in the outfit thread. So here is the Metallic Python Simples 80 from NAP:

  2. OMG, I'm not going to be any help, b/c I think you should keep them all! Gorgeous haul!
  3. omg! keep those red boots, you'll regret it if you don't.
    Great collection, I can't wait to see the rest.
  4. Very, very pretty! I prefer the Red Python Arielle a Talon boot:heart:
  5. Red over the Black for sure.
  6. Beautiful! Can you take a front picture of the Open Clic?
  7. The red boots are keepers! They are stunning!

    and i LOVE the red patent open clic also...

    keep those two

    do you live in paris gemibebe?
  9. OMGosh....they are all stunning! I do not think the black boots are 'a bit too normal' at all.....they are fabulous with that flash of red sole & texture to the snake!
  10. Whatever you do PLEASE KEEP THE RED BOOTS they are TDF. I love open clic too. Amazing haul!!
  11. red =D
    i was gonna ask the same question as noah cause they the red open clics could possibly be my next on list =P
  12. gemibebe, OMG!!! i'm going to agree with laureen ... KEEP THEM ALL!! the red boots are amazing, but i know what you mean about black being 'a bit too normal.' in this boot, though, they're NOT! i can't help you at all because i adore them both! (and, like noah, i'd love to see a front pic of the open clic.) :ps:
  13. What a haul, I would try to keep them both!! My favs are defo the 80 simples!!!
  14. Which ever pair you return DON'T RETURN the RED PYTHON! Those are so KILLER!!!!!!!

    In fact don't return any of them. I love them and you have excellent taste. You're now elevated to connoisseur.
  15. Keep the RED!!!! They are STUNNING!!!