My latest H finds!

  1. I have been on the hunt for a new cashmere & silk shawl for weeks now, and I finally found one that's just right for me! :yahoo: I haven't had a chance to wear it just yet, but I think it will be gorgeous with my two favorite coats, one of which is chocolate brown and the other a lovely taupey camel color.
    So, here's my newest cashmere & silk....along with a little extra something I picked up along the way too...

    A black 25cm vintage Box Constance with Gold. Check out that patina!
  2. Nice! I LOVE H cashmere shawls! Enjoy! :yahoo:
  3. That is just stunning! You have great taste, I love vintage box calf.:love: The Constance in 25 cm is fantastic for going out in the evenings, or a dressy lunch.
  4. Cynthia, your Constance is Gorgeous!!!! And your shawl is stunning . I love them both, and they compliment each other so well. I have to get a shawl soon !!!! They loook soo warm.
  5. Beautiful finds and enjoyed the presentation. That is a lovely patina.
  6. OMG, Cynthia! Both are gorgeous!
    Great pic.
    Handybags pushed me to buy a shawl too. I'll post it in the GM Shawl thread
  7. oooh gorgeous scarf!
  8. Beautiful color on the shawl, Cyn. Matches your eyes.
  9. I love large cashmere and silk shawls. They are so useful. The color of your shawl is beautiful and the bag is gorgeous. Enjoy and congrats!

  10. Congratulations Cyn!!!! That is a beauty! Loving your constance, too.

    And, speaking of loving your stuff, I am quite enchanted by the pics on your blog, too~~ WOW WOW WOW, you weren't exaggerating when you said renovations were happening!!!! :tup::heart:
  11. Very beautiful, congratulations!
  12. Cynthia, very gorgeous!! Congrats!! :smile:
  13. Absolutely gorgeous cashmere! Oh and that bag is pretty fab too! Congratulations
  14. Love the sheen on that Constance, and that is one sophisticated shawl!
  15. Cynthia, I am dying over that Constance!