My Latest Gucci!

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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in the Gucci thread before but I got something new and thought I would share!

    I had a very long and fun Saturday this past weekend in Toronto. I have been looking everywhere for a summer dress that I can wear to my university graduation ceremony but also during the day and I finally found it! There were a lot of dresses that I loved and I ended up narrowing my choices down to one from the Gucci Resort Collection and the other from Gucci Spring Summer. I ended up getting the black and white one from Spring Summer. I love this dress SO much and it was nice to getting a small deal (25% off)!! I haven't decided what shoes or bag to wear with the dress to my grad yet but at least the dress has now been taken care of!

    Thought I'd share some pics of the dress and if you have any bag / shoe ideas let me know! These pics are from and I'll post my own pics soon!

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  2. Here are some quick pics I took on my Mac. I don't have the wire to upload cam pics so this is the best I have!

    hope all the pics work!

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  3. VERY neat!
  4. looks very stunning on you! Very Carrie SITC.
  5. oh, no what a nice dress - look great on you :yes:
  6. Looks great on you! Love the style.
  7. Love the dress. Looks lovely on you too. :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments!
  9. I love the dress!!! You have great choice....
  10. Nice dress! How did you get 25% off?
  11. Good choice!
  12. Cute dress!! I think a clutch would look great w/the dress, probably something solid b/c the focus is your dress. =D
  13. thanks again everyone!

    tampagirl, I got my dress from the Gucci in a store called Holt Renfrew (kinda like neimans or saks) and they had a special this weekend that if you had and used their AMEX card you got 25% your purchase.

    krazy4bags, thanks for the suggestion! I think agree about a solid colored clutch. I don't know whether I should do colored accessories or just black or white.
  14. Congrats! Beautiful dress! How about red accessories?
  15. Looks great on you! Congrats.