My latest Gucci Outlet Haul!


Jul 9, 2007
So, the Gucci sale wasn't all that interesting and I ended up at the outlet yesterday and found a few new things..... I love these shoes, just hope I can actually walk in them - fortunately, I got them for a party and we're staying in the hotel where the party is so I don't have far to go;) They are black (either snake or printed leather) and were $695 and I think I paid $279. Pardon my pasty white feet - it takes me 2 seconds to lose what little tan I ever had!

Yessica had these fab sunnies stashed in the back and I could not resist those either - $179!! The watch was a great deal and it's the perfect "dressy" watch for me - I have a Tag that I dearly love and wear everywhere but it's very casual and totally beat up so not so good for cocktail attire;) The watch comes in either the white face or the black - I got the black - it seemed dressier -- $499 and what fabulous packaging it comes in -- it's in a box inside a huge box! The watch is perfect - sorry, it looks scratched but I just forgot to take the little plastic protector off the crystal and the light reflected weirdly.


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Never Gucci-fied!
Jun 8, 2007
You did good girl! I'm lovin' everything. I've wanted those same sunnies since last year! I saw them on the link for the presale but since I just got a pair of sunnies, I decided to pass. Now you're making me want them again.