My latest Gucci acquisitions...

  1. So i've gone on quite the Gucci rampage over the last few months, but i'm finally done now! I picked up 2 of my new purchases yesterday from a friend - the small white shoulder bag I ordered from Neiman Marcus during the sale and the large brown/white hobo I bought off of ebay from none other than mssmelanie!!! These 2 bags join my other recent Gucci purchase - the black python chain bag that I also absolutely adore!!! :love:

    Lots of thanks due to PFers! :flowers:

    mssmelanie - I absolutely LOVE the bag!!! Thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!! I'm glad I could help you fund your new Pelham!! :yahoo: (And I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your pic from the other thread...I like the pic of my new hobo sitting next to your amazing find!)

    janice - You probably don't remember anymore, but you helped me authenticate the black python bag. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!! I am in LOVE with it!!!:tender:

    jadecee - As always, thanks for your honest opinions on everything!! Can't wait to show you them all in person!!! :wlae: After all this, we need to keep each other in line - no more bags for a while!!! :P

    And to everyone else of course - you all are such enablers!!!!!
    gucci 3.jpg gucci hobo.jpg gucci white.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Oh my goodness. MssMelanie, I did not know your were selling your purses. Anyways I am very happy that it has worked out for Sharbear. Absolutely gorgeous purses. Love them, Congrats.
  4. Beautiful bags! Congrats! :smile:

    They are all very lovely purchases!!!

    Can't wait to see the others IRL (oh by the way, I saw the white Gucci wallet that matches that white Gucci purse of yours at Holts last week.) Sorry I forgot to tell you! I just remembered now!!

    So perhaps they will still have stock of it in nyc... cuz the new collection wallets don't have the half-horsebit...

    I'm trying real hard to hold off until the end of the year... but every day on the forum makes it more and more difficult to hold off!! Especially when I read all these threads about price increases.. GRRR! :rant:
  6. serendipity and Lyanna - thanks!! ;)

    M_Butterfly - thanks, i'm so glad it worked out for me too!! now i have my hobo, and melanie has her pelham! :yahoo:
  7. Awwww...thanks, thanks!! I can't wait to show the new ones to you!! I wore the hobo, love, love it!!! :love:

    Oooooo...matching wallet! Is it a small or long wallet? Do they only have it in white? That seems a bit dangerous...a white wallet! Do you remember how much it was?

    Price increases??? Really??? :yucky:
  8. congrats!
  9. :yahoo: :yahoo: Shar! I'm so excited you got the bag and love it. I've been dying for you to receive it and was wondering for weeks if was good for you. And of course I don't mind about you using my pic.. It's like a Gucci Mommy and baby portrait! Or you can say we have friendship Gucci bags.

    I am so loving your new Gucci goodies.. I love the horsebit and I love the d ring details on your new bags.. You've got fabulous taste! Sooo.. can we get some runway pics?

    M_Butterfly - You're not supposed to buy/sell on the pf so I didn't say anything. I'm not a member of the marketplace yet but I'll probably apply in a little bit. The only reason I eventually mentioned selling it was when sharbear posted an authenticity question on the Auth Thread. It was pretty funny because I was reading her authenticity question and when I clicked on the link she was questioning, it ended up being my bag! I had to answer it was Authentic!:yes:
  10. Awww...thanks melanie!!! i absolutely LOVE the hobo...i wore it out as soon as i got it!!!!! yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! :yahoo: :party:

    I'm really excited about the other 2 bags too! I've been wanting one of the horsebit chain bags ever since jadecee came back from vacation with the brown G's version with mauve (?) leather trim and grommets!! It took me over a year, but I finally found one...and I LOVE the python! The white half-horsebit bag was totally a spur of the moment splurge when NM started their sale a few months ago!

    I'm so lazy with the digital camera though...we'll have to wait a bit for those runway pics... :shame:
  11. I am just green with envy Melanie. :lol: I saw your collection and love it. :love:
  12. M_Butterfly, you should definitely check out ebay - that's how I found the auction for the hobo and it just so happened to be a PFer selling it! The funny thing is that I wasn't even looking for that bag. I was looking for the Gucci blondie hobo! Which I'm still hoping to find...

    But I digress! Good luck finding the hobo M! I'll definitely keep an eye out for you and let you know if I see one come up!
  13. Thanks so much SharB. I have been looking actually. I like the meium hobo that has the Bamboo rings for some reason. Anyways I am happy that it workout for..:yes: :heart:
  14. gorgeous bags, shar! congrats!!!!!!
  15. Thanks BooYah!! I can't wait to add a blondie to my collection...i love yours!