My Latest eBay Rage and Outrage

  1. Just when you thought eBay could not get any more enfuriating...

    It seems there's a new game in town, called "marketwatch." This is a third party "checkout system" that has managed to get itself established as an "eBay partner."

    If you're a buyer, what it essentially is, is a tracking system gateway between you and paypal.

    You cannot get to paypal to pay for your item without passing through the marketwatch gateway. If you have an older computer, it is unlikely that your browser will actually load the site, but it will manage to deposit its tracker.

    You will have to either use a different computer to pay for your item, or throw yourself on the mercy of the seller, and I don't know what marketwatch is doing for or offering sellers, but so far I have not encountered a single one that is willing to even discuss any alternatives to going through the gateway.

    Hopefully, everyone already knows to clean out all their cookies and crackers and index.dats after every visit to eBay and/or paypal, to get rid of THEIR trackers.

    Anyway, I am probably the only one here whose computer is so old and raggedy that even loading the site is a problem, but in case anybody does not know to clean thoroughly after every eBay visit, every PayPal visit, and now every forced marketwatch visit, and/or you have no idea what I am talking about, please educate yourself on the subject, or grasp the nearest nerd firmly by a fold of skin and have her or him unleash scrubbing bubbles on your computer.