My latest ebay nightmare...

  1. Oh here we go again. I know we've all heard it all in here, but I just wanted to get some opinions and feedback from you all about my situation. Over a month ago I purchased a Chanel charm belt (click here) when it arrived I opened the box. The belt was not packed very carefully, and even though there was a foam protector in the box and a small amount of tissue, the belt was just kind of thrown in there and left to slide around the box. (This is not the issue, by the way, I just wanted to set up the story with my initial impression, which is that the seller was not very mindful of the item). The belt is new with the tags still attached, but when I inspected it, I noticed the large CC charm had stones missing from it. I contacted the seller IMMEDIATELY to let them know of this and requested a refund upon return. The belt was too expensive to have come in SNAD condition. Well, they got right back to me that evening and said that they would be willing to accept a return. A little while later I received a second email saying that if the stones were not in the box that they would REFUSE a return. Huh? :confused1: I did, by the way, carefully inspect the box and packaging to make sure the stones weren't there. They were not. So, I did what most people would and that is to call my credit card company. Long story short, my card company sided with me and I won the chargeback. Paypal has now frozen my account though, until I can prove the seller has received the item back. Now, through eBay's dispute system, the seller is accusing me of a.) pulling a scam; b.) removing the stones myself; c.) purchasing the same belt as damaged from elsewhere and trying to return the damaged one to him and is also threatening me by saying that once they receive the item back, if it is missing stones they will call the police. Now, I realize this is a lot of bluff, probably, but I'm very upset. I am a very honest person and would NEVER EVER do the things I am now being accused of. The seller keeps claiming the photos show that the belt is in perfect condition and this is their evidence, but this item was listed many times before I purchased it. Anything could have happened to it between when the pictures were originally taken and when I received it. From the way the seller packaged it, I doubt it was thoroughly inspected before it was sent. I was watching it for quite a while before I took the plunge. At this point, I'm sorry I did. Anyone have any words of wisdom for me? This is making me ill. Thanks for reading everyone!
  2. Did you take any pictures to prove that the stones were missing when you receive the belt?
  3. Well if the seller is accusing you of pulling the stones off or replacing it w/ a defective belt, can't you also make the same type of accusation towards him - that he posted pictures of a new belt but in fact sent you a used defective one? How can he prove that you did that? You could've accused him of scamming as well, but you didn't. You thought perhaps he overlooked the missing stones. You did contact him right after opening the box. You did what you can do in a situation like this. I agree w/ Beejerry. Take pictures of the belt before sending it back. You already recieved your chargeback from you cc. He can file a report but how can he prove that you pulled off stones? It is possible that it had fallen off while he packaged it. It is a very detailed belt. And he did accept your return at first. What made him change his mind anyway?
  4. I did take pictures. I have contacted both paypal and my cc company, and while paypal says the chargeback has been granted, my cc company says it's not finalized. Both have instructed me to return the item, so it's going out now via priority mail with signature confirmation. This seller is getting nastier and nastier though. I understand they are upset, but to say I'm guilty of things that I'm not is unreasonable and immature.
  5. I did take pictures, as I mentioned in my reply to Beejerry. The only reason I can think of for the change of mind is that the seller didn't want to refund me for something so costly. Otherwise, I don't know. :sad: There are conflicting reports from paypal/my cc company for the chargeback being final, so I guess I should just sit back and wait. I'm quite upset that my paypal account is now limited as I have money in it and I need to pay some sellers. :cursing:
  6. Wishing you good luck on this.
    My CC company now has a new rule about chargebacks. They go by the "sellers" rules. I had a situation where some movers broke a very expensive marble table. The movers won't cover the claim, are doing nothing, my CC denied my chargeback saying the movers deserve to be paid. I agree, however my contract with the movers states if they break something they will fix it. This is only the second claim I have filed with the CC company in 6 years, so its not like I abuse the system. I am writing the attorney general, the FTC & Angies list so I will get these people to cover it on way or another. My CC is Merril Lynch Plus Visa Black card. After we book our trip (using our points) on Queen Mary across the Atlantic, we are closing this account. Someone else will appreciate our business.
  7. This is an aside note, but I would advise never paying sellers out of money from your paypal account. Always pay with a credit card. That way, you are completely protected and paypal can't hold your money hostage.
  8. Actually, what they are holding hostage right now is money that I just received from the sale of another item of my own a few days ago. I don't have access to these funds and I can't pay other sellers via paypal which is a pain. I did have a balance in my account when I paid the seller, which was applied to my payment, but it is considerably less than the amount charged to my cc, thank god and paypal says this money will end up showing up on my credit card, and if this doesn't happen they will credit me this amount. (this per the conversation I had with them yesterday).
  9. Oh I am so sorry to hear about this! I wish I had some advice for you. Good luck and hang in there!
  10. Now I'm thinking Paypal is punishing you by freezing your account because you contacted your credit card company first.

    You usually can win in this situation with a SNAD claim, so next time, file your complaint to Paypal first. Then CC as your last resort.

  11. Exactly. I've talked to 3 different people there. The first agent told me that once the item was delivered and I supplied proof, they would unfreeze the account and also that I would be credited the $190 that came from my paypal account toward the item (balance in my account BEFORE the transaction, I supplied the rest of the payment with the credit card). Today when I called to give them the signature confirmation number, the agent told me that I would never see that $190.00 since I didn't file with them first. This was unacceptable to me so I asked for a supervisor who did assure me that while I should have filed with them first, they would give that amount back to me since I have a long standing account with them with no past issues. Sheesh. But yes, I agree with you Beejerry, and would like to warn everyone to take any funds out of you paypal account that might be in there before making a major purchase and to fund it through your credit card and not bank account. And yes, file with paypal first. This was a mistake I made in this instance.

    As far as the seller, they are still threatening me through eBay's dispute messaging that they will be contacting the police if the item is not returned "in perfect condition". :yucky: This person KNOWS I am disputing the condition of the item, and is trying to scare/harass me. I guess neither one of us can prove we are right in this situation and I don't exactly know what the police can do. This item still has all its tags on it and one has red writing and markings on it. I know the seller will know it's his tag, but that will not stop him from disputing this, I'm sure. :rolleyes:
  12. Do not leave any balance in your Paypal account, I've heard so many horrible stories from the eBay forum. The max they will reinburse you is $200 if you pay w/ your balance.

    I hope this gets resolve soon. Grab a drink and relax, enjoy your weekend.
  13. Oh no, what a nightmare! I hope that this all gets worked out (in your favor) very soon. Good luck!
  14. Where on the belt are the stones missing? I am curious if you can see them clearly in the auction photos.

    When something is expensive I NEVER use the USPS to send back, always use UPS or Fedex. A friend had a situation where the seller said mail it back but then she wouldnt sign, and then it got sent back to the PO and she wouldnt pick it up. So it then got shipped back to her.
  15. Damn,such a hotbelt but a lot of money to pay forsomething damaged. This seller is just in knee deep doo doo realizing they can't return it , they prob hoped you would not care or maybe realize it...? Keep fighting, they are in the wrong.