My latest Dior

  1. Hi All, my 1st Dior in a little while, just thought i'd share :flowers:
    I also bought black cannage trainers:heart:


  2. you spoilt yourself really nice, hun ! :love: where are the modelling pics ! :cursing:
  3. That's a stunning piece!!
  4. wow...true art
  5. Thanks guys. I'm feeling shy and fat right now, but since you asked...

  6. very chic missy stop complaining! :tup::okay: hey thats why it says feed me under your name lol...good luck with sheding off the pounds i can see your on a good way !
  7. Absolutely stunning on you :girlsigh:
  8. very nice. looks good w/ that outfit too
  9. I LOVE that bag. I have been eyeing one of those!
  10. definitely a stunner!!!
  11. Looks fantastic. Congrats~
  12. Absolutely gorgeous choice! :drool: Congrats on your new beauty!
  13. Thanks everyone for looking and leaving such sweet comments:heart:
  14. lol, thanks. I only wish my ticker was still current, afraid i've slipped back to 57.1 but I can't face putting that on there, looks like i'm just not really trying, ah well...

  15. i bet u just keep munching on those gaucho cakes !:graucho: bad ! ;)