my latest chanel conquest

  1. was looking for this one for months...finally found one in Dubai..yepppppppppppppe:biggrin:
  2. Beautiful color. Congratulations Solitair!
  3. Congrats! I love the classic lambskin, and this color is fabulous! Is it this bright in person or more muted?
  4. these are my..well..:weird: ..old treasures
    20060417(003).jpg 20060417(004).jpg 20060417(005).jpg 20060417(007).jpg 20060417(008).jpg 20060417(009).jpg 20060417(010).jpg 20060417(011).jpg 20060417(012).jpg 20060417(002).jpg
  5. Oh it is beautiful. I like it a lot, love the bold color.
  6. i love it!
  7. my preciouse babies.. (as if i dont throw them around:weird: )
    20060418.jpg 20060418(001).jpg 20060418(003).jpg 20060418(004).jpg 20060418(006).jpg
  8. tw1n8ngel
    thanks...went nuts when i saw it
  9. drtng

    yes,i just love the classic lambskin...planning on getting more shades when i can..
    actually it's this bright..but it draws u like a magnet...thanks a amillion
  10. Beautiful!! Love the red--everyone needs a great red bag :biggrin:
  11. Oh what a beauty! I love the black bag.
  12. i love everything.
  13. Congrats! Beautiful red!
  14. I LOVE it ALL! Especially the black hobo-type with the tassle. What is that one called and why haven't I seen THAT one before!?!?!?!? Where did you get it? If I could find one I'd snap it up in a minute!
  15. GORGEOUS bag!! The red is amazing!! you have excellent taste in bags!!