My latest buys! :) pics!

  1. Hi!

    Sharing my new white diamond stitch tote and 2.55 grey reissue in the 224 size. Both purchased last thursday at the Saks EGC event and much help to Damian (DJO) for finding both for me! :yahoo:
    I will model the diamond stitch when I start using her...not quite time yet for me to break her out in NJ.
    I got the reissue to use as an evening bag and it is the perfect size for nights out. It's my first and I wanted to take baby steps with the flaps and reissue styles bc I am more of a tote girl....
    One or two questions please....why is that zipper there inside flap? And, how does one store the chains so they don't damage the leather when the really can't be tucked inside?:shrugs:
    And, is it "safe" to store white Chanel bags in black dustbags, or should I put it in something else first before storage in the black dustbag?
    As always, thanks and enjoy!:smile:
    Oh, I'm not smiling, sorry, can't when I take pics of myself....:push:
  2. your got great taste in bags, nice purchases.
  3. Congrats! They are gorgeous!!
  4. Gorgeous!

    My SA told me that the zipper on the underside of the flap is there because that's where Coco used to store her love letters.
  5. I love the white one! cant wait to see your modeling pics of this one!
  6. oh my gosh Mick, you are on a ROLL!!!! Your Chanel collection is expanding at the blink of an eye!

    These two pieces are PERFECT additions to your family! Congrats!!
  7. congrats mick! Is that 224 from the 2005 series?
  8. I lovee both of them!! especially the white DS.. so pretty!! :love:
  9. thank you all!:heart:
    pixel--yes, i only got it bc the 224 size is pretty small and not as saught after, i assume....:shrugs:
  10. two great bags!
  11. I love your choices. I have that grey 2.55 in the jumbo and I really love it. I love that beautiful white bag as well. I've been afraid to get that bag, but I love it more and more each time I see it. I'm worried I would get it dirty but I do love it.

    Congrats Mick!!!
  12. Congrats! I just love the re-issue.
  13. congrats lady! the grey looks perfect on you!
  14. thanks debbie! you know, i am actually more afraid about the reissue...the leather seems so delicate and my mother didn't name me grace for a reason....:p
    the white seems very durable and acc to my sa can be easily cleaned of scuffs etc. can't wait until it's warm enough to use it!:wlae:
  15. Oh Mick- another two beautiful picks!! Enjoy them....