My Latest aquisition - Eggshell & Brown Croc MAM

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    So I've had this bag on layby forever and i only picked her up last Friday~ I have being falling in and out of love with RM lately, mainly because of QC and CS issues~ but as of today, all issues seem to have been resolved and my bags are all back and well with me :yahoo:

    This colour combo was Lust at first sight~ I have had my doubts as it does not seem very popular on this forum, but i thought since i have it on layby, i might as well try it! and well, i still don't love it, but it sure is growing on me! I really like the eggshell, it is such a pretty colour and leather, the croc is a bit stiff but i guess thats the way its suppose to be, and this colour combo works quite well together~

    so enough of my ramblings, picture time! :supacool:



    and a quick mod shot after work today~
  2. I LOVE it! Your pics are making me want one. Do you think it will be hard to keep the eggshell clean? Congrats!
  3. I still remember the pics that you took at the store. So you finally picked it up! I almost never buy light color bags, but if I do, Eggshell definitely would be my first choice. It just looks so durable!
  4. Pink1~ thank you!~ the eggshell is actually a surprisingly durable leather~ probably because of the distressing and natural speckles in the leather itself~ I think an eggshell nikki would be TDF!!~

    Tejava~ awww you remember!!~ thanks hun!~ and it is, the eggshell seems and is very tough but without feeling stiff... if you know what i mean!~ thats one of the amazing things about RM leather!
  5. You went ahead with the layby!!! She sure is pretty, give her a few days and perhaps you'll love her as much as you love your other RMs. I get what you mean about it feeling stiff but you never know, it might break in gorgeously and smoosh hehe. It TOTALLY goes with your cute work outfit ;)

    And I'm so happy for you that your light grey trio and new strap arrived safe and soundly. Your relationship with RM seems to be definitely on the mend :flowers:
  6. Pretty bag! But what is layby???
  7. #7 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    Layby is, instead of paying the full price upfront, you put a deposit on the item and they keep it for in store you until pay it off and then you can take it home :smile: I'm sure there is another term that you girls use.. i can't think of sounds similar..
  8. ooooh, layaway would be the word. :smile:
  9. Aka, It is so GORGEOUS on you!!! CONGRATS, no wonder you had to make it yours. Seeing the GORGEOUS colour contrast in your MAM is making me love my Blk/White MAM trio all over again.
  10. Cool! You're totally rockin' that bag, Kira!

    I love the differences in language from the U.S. and Australia. Here, it's called Layaway. Very similar indeed. :yes:
  11. Such a crisp classy bag, aka! You look beautiful wearing her. Congrats!
  12. Very nice! This is a gorgeous combo!
  13. what a beauty! it looks great on you, congrats!
  14. Kira you are SOO gorgeous! I love the bag on you!! I totally wanted this bag, but i want the black white trio more so passed on this! Congrats on getting her and i'm glad your RM issues are resolved!! :yahoo:
  15. looks awesome. it matches your outfit well!