My Latest additions

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  1. My Gauffre wallet, I :heart::heart::heart: this


    Not sure about this bag still...


    And some practical boots

  2. Rock on, Girlfriend!!! Isn't that wallet TDF? :tender:
  3. loving the wallet and boots! I'm on the fence about the bag myself :hrmm:

    I just got a red gauffre wallet also and I just can't wait to take it out any chance I get!:heart:
  4. ^^^You're STILL incubating, Alouette??!! Holy cow! He's planning on some kind of grand entrance, huh?
  5. Love the boots -- have not been a fan of the purse in that style -- think it's too casual for the patent finish.
  6. Congrats!!
  7. i loooooove the wallet!!
  8. I like the bag, however don't they have the same style in red/black? instead of white? somehow the white doesn't stand out as much.

    But patent leather is so in this fall. I'm sure you'll rock the bag beautifully
  9. OMG, I love, love the question on that one ....By the way, I'm Audrey too! lol and new to this site.
  10. Love them all, especially the wallet and bag:tup:
  11. I love it all, the wallet, the shoes and especially the bag. I think it's really gorgeous.
  12. I think the bag is going back as I just bought another bag whilst in Venice. I have to stop!!!!
  13. lol! congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. Love your stuff...Congrats!!!
  15. Love the gauffre wallet, the leather is TDF!