my latest additions: GREIGE twiggy & MARRON day!

  1. they are finally here! greige and marron...awesome neutrals. love them! now if i had a rouge theatre day, i'll be complete. :love:

    ...for now. :graucho:


  2. LOVE THEM!:nuts: I just got a greige First and a black Day. CONGRATS and ENJOY!
  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! A Greige Twiggy has always been on my list. It is absolutely heavenly. They both are!
  4. Yikes!!!

    Iwant Your Greige Twiggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. odd, wow love your Twiggy. :drool: Call BalNY first thing in the morning. They still have the Day in Rouge Theatre. :yes:
  6. someone called today and they don't
  7. odd, both are GORGEOUS! [​IMG]:love: Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. :sad: :sad: sorry.:sad: :sad:
  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love your bags! The marron is such a cool color. If I didn't have a day bag in chocolate already, I would totally have been all over that color.
  10. Congrats odd!! Hooray for more bbags! :biggrin:

    I personally really love your marron day! Enjoy all that smooshiness!
  11. Love your Twiggy

    Greige is lovely
  12. I love both bags!!!!
  13. I have Greige and Marron firsts, and I absolutely love them both. Congrats!
  14. Oh how I love Greige. :heart: That Twiggy is so beautiful!!!!:drool:
  15. Congratulatons on your beautiful Bbags:yahoo:

    Your Greige Twiggy is TDF:drool: