My latest addition

  1. I finally purchased my Alma today. I decided on a Mono one.
    There was a customer in the store looking at the sunnies, with the MC one, it was cute but didn't see me with one.

    I also asked my SA about the price increase. He said it is a 2.9% increase. The reason he said they did it was because of the Euro and they wanted all the stores on the same page. All handbags will be increased. I know he said shoes and some other things won't be increased.

    Here is a pic I took quickly of my Alma:

  2. Congrats!It's very cute!!!
  3. Congrats -- love the Alma!
  4. Very nice, congrats!
  5. so gorgeous, congrats.
  6. very adorable!! love the speeedy keychain
  7. Very pretty congrats. It's a great bag.
  8. I forgot to add, when I was leaving the boutique two guys were looking at me. One guy said "oh someone is spoiled" and said "it is good to indulge yourself ever so often". I just smiled and kept on walking.

    I also noticed few other people looking at me and my bag.
  9. Congrats!
  10. Cute Alma. Congrats!
  11. Your Alma looks great socal, congrats!!
  12. cute!

    2.9% is much better than the 9% from the other thread!

  13. DITTO!
  14. congrats!! very cute!!
  15. Congrats